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TL;DR The game is beautiful with a few kinks here or there. You can practically breathe the air of Feudal Bohemia. Combat is realistic and the attention to detail is stunning. Not enough black people though. 3/10


[–] TheSeer 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago 

It is a great game. It aims to be a historical RPG and it FRIGGIN DELIVERS. Yeah, OK, it is a pain to always have to find a bed, esp. before the lodgings close for the night. And yeah, you get overburdened relatively easily and have to visit different merchants to sell your wares. But this is what the game is aiming for. You can't blame it for being mundane and then praise it for realism in your next breath.

Combat is relatively rare, and it is not like you can just step outside of a town and fight enemies (like Diablo, for e.g.). I even overheard a conversation between villagers where the one villager was complaining that 'the weather has gone mad' and the other guy says 'You always say that. Its always been crazy!'

A fantastic dig at the global warming alarmist leftists. And yeah, the game says what the beauty standard of the time was. So what? Even now skinny blonde women are highly desireable!

People greet you with "Christ be praised". This is showing Europe AS IT WAS, not how historical revisionists WISH it was.


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There is one quest where you have to find a spade in order to bury your parents. The comment I find myself making most often is "The RPG that is too goddamn real"


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I just started the game a couple of days* ago, but when I go to slash, it seems like there's a huge lag. Also, does the bow get any better? I can't aim worth shit. I spent like 10 arrows trying to shoot a rabbit in the ass. Edit: days, not games


[–] TentaclestheOctopus 18 points -16 points (+2|-18) ago 

A fantastic dig at the global warming alarmist leftists.



[–] Alhambra 3 points 20 points (+23|-3) ago 

Cheers was a sitcom set in 1980s Boston. Not a single nigger and only one ugly jewish goblin in the entire cast. No one complained or even noticed the "lack of diversity"

My how times have (((changed)))


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Just a Polish goblin (Rhea Perlman). No one noticed because Ted Danson and Shelly Long were both smokin hot


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Why would there be black people in Europe at that time? They wouldnt be there as anything more than slaves really.


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acting like the Atlantic slave trade took place in the medieval era


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acting like Feudal Bohemia was chockablock with niggers

also calling FAKE NEWS on anything that doesn't comport with their revised reality

Liberal mental illness on parade.