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wait for a sale

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Damn that is really pricey. I would pay 5 to max of 10 dollars for it.

Want to know why people pirate a game: The game isn't worth the cost to play it. That might not be the case for everyone but that is usually my case. I like to try games before I buy them. God do I miss Demo's.

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Pretty much every game on Steam is a demo. Play it for any hour, don't like it, urn it back in.

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Sometimes you don't know the game has a bug until your 5 hours into it.

1 hour in a game isn't enough to make a decision to buy it.

I have returned a lot to steam. So much they sent me a warning email about it.

While I applaud your suggestion, it doesn't work on every game. It doesn't work on DLC for sure. It is next to impossible to get DLC refunded on steam. They even warn you when you purchase DLC for a game.

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I suspect the only extreme thing about this game is the price.