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Consoles had merit when the overhead of running an operating system was very high. Now all consoles have full blown operating systems and frameworks and are just less powerful PCs. I would put my cutoff at the PS2 era.

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Lol you as many others can go on and on about the merits of how good a PC is to a console, but here is my take. A system MADE for games or entertainment such as an Xbox 1 is best for me. The reason why is simple.

With it being centered around use to play a game it is dumbed down on it's interface and components for such to a point where I don't have to make sure it is compatible with a specific thing.

Let's say a controller.

I don't need any more goddamn buttons to enhance my experience than the ones upon the Xbox controller. Even then there are too many. I am not so serious about a game that I need to spend the time to map shit out on a keyboard to do a fucking emote!

Now with these things do I experience a drop in performance? Sure I do but I don't care! I also don't need many extra items to assure me the ability to play a game. Shit like video cards, or expanded ram.

So in closing I for one prefer a console to a PC for games.

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I prefer a one size fits all, predefined definition of what gaming "should be".

I like the fact that anyone with a good idea can make a game I can play, and not just those who can pay off Microsoft or Sony to allow my content to exist. I personally prefer a customized experience where I can actually map my own controls as opposed to choosing what I'll get from a list. I like how I can play games from my childhood on the same system I'm playing modem games on as well. Most of all, I'm not scared to put in extra work for a better experience.

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That is not what I said....

Gaming should be whatever the consumer feels is correct for them. For me I prefer ease of use.

Also it isn't that I don't want to put in less work, I just see that with our system (Xbox 1) there isn't anything broken so why fix it?

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Really no troubleshooting either. At some point with a PC you will have an issue that you'll have to fix or may not be able to fix.

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I use an A65400 with a GT610 for LoL and am building a FX6300/GTX660

I own PS4 and XB1 and i will NEVER not own a console from one of the big two.

PC gaming is cool but the community cant replicate the feel that the consoles bring.

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Well, I have a nice PC now that I can afford one but growing up I was always a console peasant. If I had dismissed consoles just because PC was superior, I wouldnt have had some of my best gaming experiences. Consoles are great, they make gaming affordable and accessible. It was the current gen where I really lost interest in consoles though. They keep upgrading them because they are not powerful enough, they are nothing more than limited PC's. Im not seeing exciting exclusives or peripherals anymore(excluding nintendo's output), I really dont see the reason for them any more. Decided to skip buying a console and save for a PC instead, best decision I ever made.

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Not true. Nintendo makes the best shit. But Sony and Microsoft have been releasing computers under cost, which is good too. Buying a PS or XB one year after they were released is a weird thing to do though.

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25, maybe. Whenever they got patches, online multiplayer, hard disks, installation requirements, multiple hardware configurations.

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It was when I got DooM shareware from the local Winn-Dixie in the early nineties. I popped that thing in my 386 and had my mind totally blown. I'd played Wolfenstein 3D, but DooM was a completely different beast.

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