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He used other weapons for movement.

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5hrs 27mins and 30secs in he uses a frag grenade. Just happened upon it, but if he did it once, I’m sure he did it again.

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I saw a shotgun in use around 1h27min.

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That's a weapons Challenge he had no other choice but to use it

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What a waste of time.

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Mark Kern has been attacked all weekend for his statements. I think we should dig up old violent video game debate articles in solidarity for what Mark Kern is saying. Gamers are being socially stigmatized and ostracized again. And i think if video games media is continuing to attack and embarrass their readers and audience and continue the march of putting politics into everything and putting social justice first and formost and continuing to be busy moral busy bodies then we neee to remind the corrupt video games media itself what happened last time some one tried to socially stigmatize and ostracize gaming and gamer's. How about a social media and forums and comment section campaign where we post links to all the old violent video game debate articles of the 90s. I like that idea instead of the usual comments and commenting on the subject at hand. Gamers are really mostly betrayed by game companies that make games though this time who put diversity in games over game play for the sake of a diversity driven agenda. And that's why we're doing this and that's why we're hurt. Lets provide historical context and show how predecessors reacted reacted a long time ago when main stream media, activists, politicians, ideologues, declared war on our hobby in the 1990s. God if only a real brave soul of a video game journalist had the heart to show a severed video game head with a well known active SJW's head severed photoshopped in as the severed head to kick start this off. And it better be a SJW who would kick up a triggered shit fest.