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Unless the game is so jewed up that most of the good modders abandon it. GTA V is great example. GTA IV was amazing with mods, GTA V is nothing but jewry and few modders want to put up with it.

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What do mean by ”jewed”?

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They saw what modders could do and made sure to limit that as much as possible under the premise that mods were hurting DLC sales. Can't mod a game if you can't code the mods.

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Nickled and dimed (by DLC), or altered from its creator's vision in such a way as to maximize profits.

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For The Shekels™

There's no stronger ideology than this one in the entire history of the world, even jesus christ got crucified for getting in the way

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GTA IV mods are surely funny like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBixN-3hcMs&t=65s

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Sounds about right; especially with the coke and fries being cut entirely. This overestimates the power of modders though.

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Have you seen Skyrim? Literally no part of the game was left untouched.

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Oh nice! Have modders finally made the combat, graphics, AI, mechanics, collision detection, line of sight, plot, and UI not shit?

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I can honestly say that I've spent more time modding and researching mods for Skyrim than I've spent playing them.

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Yeah, that kinda describes most mods, never actually finished just like the original software.

v1, the mod works like this v1.1 improvements v2, everything is now completely different, Start over on the mod progess! v2.1 improvements v3, overhauled again!

Best example, Thaumcraft.

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do other games constantly update for the sole purpose of breaking mods? i thought minesoft was the only one that did such retarded shit

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That happens as well. But what I was referring to was that many mods do this to themselves. New versions will sometimes completely change how a mod works, and here is almost never a final version.

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Exactly why mods are now under fire.

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Does this imply mods are shit now because that looks disgusting!

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Fries and drink not even an option now.

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Unpopular opinion, but tomato slice has no place in burgers. It makes everything slide out.

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That’s the tomato doing that?

I think you’re right.. when I don’t order the deluxe chicken sammich at chikfila, everything stays together. With deluxe (tomatoe/lettuce) it slides around

It all makes sense now

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Thinking starting your post with "Unpopular opinion" will spare you some downvoats.

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Fuck you

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starcucks consumer detected

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