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The reviews and discussions are hilarious though.

Dear Devs: please delete all content from the game that the guy you fired made.

Hi devs,

Well done for firing that guy from your team.

It's a good first step. But why are you still allowing the content he made to be in your game? Please patch it out immediately.

Us gamer don't want to be reminded he made stuff for this game. It is very triggering. If you leave it in, then obviously you are sanctioning his opinions and the word will get out. I can see the headlines now: "Subnautica devs allow content in game made by racist bigot". Doesn't look good for you at all. Time for you to do the right thing.


Obvious troll, but people are actually falling for it.

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The business world of these young people need to be brought down a peg. They feel they can change the world through their business actions. They make entertainment video games. When it comes to bare necessities I need in life, these fucks are about 10 levels behind I need new flip flops because the ones I have might need replacing next summer.

You make games. Stick to games. Keep politics out unless your game is centered on politics. Its good to have an opinion. Don't let your opinions influence your business decisions. Its not personal, its business.

For those that do not, your failure is eminent. Please learn from my past 30 years of mistakes.

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i have plans for publishing my own games at some point

i keep very keen eyes on game companies that crash and burn, so i dont repeat the fuckups that they make later

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the trollings strong there

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It's so obvious, mostly because the average gamer has grown to hate identity politics and feminism.

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I like the claim that he has Trump saying "China" hidden in the sound. If you believe this you can actual hear it :D


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I think I heard it at the 1:08 & 1:20 marks. Pretty hilarious if he did sneak it in.

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While this is going on someone should make a video showing their plan for dismantling the game and the devs. That way when it happens, if anyone is still to stupid to figure it out, they'll see the video or post about it.

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I've ascertained they are also planning to 'fix' the fact that you cannot pick to play as a female. After this patch you'll still have no choice of gender, but will play as a female.

I suggest we start reeeee'ing once the patch hits. Reeee'ing about how we can't play as an obese woman of course.

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we must demand to conquer the sea as a fat black genderqueer woman with pink hair and catlady glasses

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"Black" is so five-minutes-ago. Sand people are the new blacks.

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The game will be Dark Souls hard if you have to play this game about swimming with a black person.

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I'm already trolling for the player to be trans-black-muslim or I demand a refund and saying the devs are white supremacists if they don't do this. It's going well.

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Did you just assume the playable characters gender?

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Other than his hands (usually gloved) and sometimes the character's shadow (and you could just presume the shadow is a bull dyke) when or where do you actually see the character you are playing?

And a side note: one recording I found is about a lesbian couple, although they are breaking up because one wants to bang a dude. That's not enough virtue signalling?

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Honestly I'm a little too salty about this. I can't even laugh. Firing this guy was a seriously scummy move. I can't believe a whining pissant has that kind of power.

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oh yeah, and it gets worse. this guy got fired for being a bit political, right? the lead guy, the one who did the firing, is very political himself, just on the left side

subnautica does not have guns. people noticed this, then asked why. the lead guy responded back, as to why there were no guns in game

apparently, he does not believe in private gun ownership. not adding them is his form of protest

despite this, you wanna what you can do to a fish besides shoot it? drill it with a mining drill, poison and choke it with chemical grenades, punch it with mech fists, then juice the remains to make a meal. oh my, what brave advocation of non-violence.

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When I was a kid nobody goddamn listened to me ever, and in retrospect that was of course a good thing. Why in the name of satan's sanctimonious shit has anyone been listening to millennials.

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Because someone got the cockamamie idea that millenials are a versatile economic force? Who really knows.

Oh wait, it could be that some of the more extremist leftist leaders have infected most facets of entertainment so to piss off one snowflake is to compromise your career.

My two cents.

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I found Razorfist 07

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Ask for a refund, and if it's denied, delete the game from your library. Both can be done through their support page: https://help.steampowered.com/en/

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very rarely will you find a modern game worthy of day-1 purchase. always pirate pirate pirate before you buy!

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I didn't realize subnautica had much of a following but as a fan of Natural Selection (2) it is sad to hear the devs have taken the SJW position.

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Remind me when these faggots will be giving refunds. I told all my friends to pirate the game tho

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Which company makes this game?

I have no interest in playing it, but I'm interested if they have a stock price.

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unknown worlds, same guys that made natural selection 2

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That's.. Unfortunate.

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