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Well, logically, any game that's better than OoT is a contender, right?

So for instance: BotW.

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shots. fired. 

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So for instance: BotW.

I still can't understand what people see in Legend of Zelda: Skyrim edition. I played through the whole thing and even got all the shrines and I can honestly say I will never pick it up again. It wasn't even a proper Zelda game, there was next to no story, the triforce isn't even mentioned, there were no real dungeons, it was easy as hell, puzzles were for the mentally challenged, Link doesn't even get his green tunic unless you get all shrines (100% the game), the lore was fucked over HARD, Gannon is now some blob monster instead of a Semitic invader, and so much more.

After I finished the game I sat down and replayed Twilight Princess and had so much more fun even though I had already played through it at least 5 times. TW, WW, and even Skyward Sword (which used to be the worst major console Zelda game imo) were better than BOTW and SS was utterly ruined by the shoehorned motion controls which didn't even work right half the time.

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I still can't understand what people see in Legend of Zelda: Skyrim edition.

So you're saying you can't find the forest because of all those trees blocking your view? =P

Thing is: Many people, including myself, feel that something like Skyrim -- rather than Skyward Sword, even when disregarding the motion control aspect -- marks the much more fitting trajectory for the 'Zelda' series to evolve along. Skyrim is a great game that captures tons of that original 'Zelda' magic before OoT started to bastardize it, culminating in Skyward Sword. The series definitely needed 'more Skyrim', and when it got it, it struck the right chords. For yet others it was an epiphany. And well, some kids did feel left behind. Aw...

It wasn't even a proper Zelda game, there was next to no story

TIL TLoZ I-IV aren't "proper Zelda games".

it was easy as hell

Compared to the 'Zelda' games you claim to prefer? No.

Compared to Dark Souls? Sure.

there were no real dungeons

The only valid criticism you bring up, IMO.

the lore was fucked over HARD


Gannon is now some blob monster instead of a Semitic invader, and so much more.

You haven't played a single 'Zelda' from before OoT, have you?

But I agree:

  • BotW is definitely not making many concessions to that millennial special snowflake crowd Iwata was so infatuated with.

So naturally, you feel alienated by it.

Good. It's a cleansing process.

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Gannon is now some blob monster instead of a Semitic invader

Except humanoid Ganon is portrayed as a Maure (i.e., a North-African Muslim) rather than a Semite. Hence the dark skin, the Muslim symbols, and the Gerudo looking like oriental dancers.

The original narrative of TLoZ is that of the Reconquista, not that of Mein Kampf.

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For its time OoT was definitely the greatest game ever made. BotW came out almost 20 years later. BotW was not the same groundbreaking game in 2017 that OoT was in 1998.

If we're talking about which is objectively a better game, it's BotW but if we're talking about which was the greatest game ever made at the time it was made OoT is higher on that list than BotW.

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OoT was groundbreaking in some ways -- mainly: the 3D controls -- but it also unnecessarily fumbled other things such as gimping the Hyrule Castle infiltration sequence or the way some scenes are rendered (i.e., using blurry pre-renders instead of full-fat polygon models -- WTF?)

Even back when OoT came out, some contested that, while accomplishing awesome polygonal 3D work, the game fell short compared to the previous 2 big games in the series in several other departments. Source: I was there.

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Surprised nobody hasn't mentioned the Witcher 3.

As a game, it contained elements of action, puzzle-solving, role-playing, even dramatic storytelling. On top of that, it's a breathtakingly beautiful game and can be purchased DRM free through it's manufacturer.

While DLC is a gripe in this day and age, the DLCs were treated more like expansion packs and contain an enormous amount of new material to work through.

It's hard to really say what the best game EVER MADE was. But I think Witcher 3 is for sure a contender in the last 5 years.

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Best game evar? METROID(NES).

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I think what you meant to say was SUPER METROID (SNES)

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That game is hard as shit

Real good but hard as shit

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Own it tried it never got very far, the controls turned me off as they didn't feel tight. For example riding the horse felt like I was pushing a moving horse around rather then controlling where it went. especially when turning while walking. I admit I didn't get far enough to speak to the story because of the feel of the controls.

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I know the horses did this sort of auto-run where it would try and go along the path so you didn't have to fine-tune steer.

I also recall they patched it with a different movement scheme that made it less realistic and more responsive. Maybe that would improve the experience as well!

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Here's a game no one is going to mention: Symphony of the Night. Yes, Konami shit the bed afterwards with the Castlevania franchise and was releasing one a year for a long time after this, but everything from the graphics to the music are timeless and still excellent to this day. Before the internet was a thing people didn't even know about the upside down castle and were missing out on the entire second half of the game, assuming the shitty ending was all there was to it.

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Majora's Mask is the best.

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I'm not a big Zelda buff but I thought Ocarina of time was everyone's favorite was it not? Is ocarina not even in the top 3?

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Most people will claim OOT. I just liked majora's Mask more.

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It was until Breathe Of The Wild came out. Or maybe WindWaker is still the best? :O

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Hate me all you want, but LttP was the best Zelda, ever made, and OOT never even registered.

Also, SpaceQuest was better than OOT.

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Seconding LttP as best Zelda. I don't know how many damn times over the years I've replayed that game. I just recently even introduced my daughters to it through RetroPi and a Bluetooth SNES gamepad.

To be fair though, I haven't played BotW.

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LttP has some excellent randomizer mods if you are into that. It really tests your knowledge of where you're able to go without the items you think you should have and if you know where all the hidden chests are. I highly recommend trying it out if you think you've got LttP memorized to the point where it's not fun anymore.

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I remember it coming out... I've had two cartridges, bought it for the Gameboy Advance, and now run the emulator on my rPi (like you). It's a game that never gets old.

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I've played all Zelda games. I was there when the first one came out. BOTW is incredible and possibly best Zelda.

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I must admit, BotW dethroned OoT as "best Zelda", in my book. OoT has its flaws, that are adequately pointed out in reviews if you go and look. For me, it canonized the idea of the "RPG on Rails", where your growth and leveling as a character are pre-determined with a given gear set. That was a path I really loved, because I was a stupid kid who didn't really know about how to balance stats and level and shit.

So yeah, for me, BotW is it right now. I guess I'll just always be a Zeldafag.

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to me i always hesitated to call OoT an RPG, because there really is only one path of progression throught the game with the predefined gear, and no stats. It's for that reason why I usually place OoT as the greatest-of-all-time, because it being linear allowed it to be such a well-crafted experience. No other game has ever immersed me so well in its environment, using so little (the n64 graphics were so ass compared to the time i played it). the sound design does a lot of heavy lifting for this game.

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That’s fair. I call it that because I was a kid, it was the first game that made me feel like “a person in a place”. I would move on eventually to games with deeper character leveling mechanics, but each Zelda area had a story, and I had to talk to people and listen.

So, it’s fair to suggest that it “isn’t” an RPG, but it definitely inspired my interest in getting mentally into a role and exploring a world as that person.

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Tetris. Also possibly Super Mario Bros.

The problem is that this is a very subjective question. Tastes differ from person to person, and the greatest game ever made would have to pass the test for the largest number of people, and with video games being an ever evolving market that makes the mark the hardest to hit perfectly.

That being said, OOT is a good game, and I did enjoy it, but after playing it again recently calling it the greatest game ever made can only be accomplished with some serious rose tinted glasses and a whole bucket of nostalgia. The field is too massive to claim it deserves the top spot, but I will give it a solid place on any top 100 list.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, both I and II.

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