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This looks like a sales/marketing pitch to large games companies to include this AI (and related data gathering tools) in their games. My feel (based both on the academic journal references and the writing/presentation style) is that this group is a spin-off of AI/ML comp sci people from a university seeking to monetise their research and get bought out by one of google, facebook or amazon.

None of the radio (using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, beacons, cellular to track users, map rooms, etc) technology mentioned in here is new. I know of retail chains that track users based on their mobiles and integrate it with other information (e.g. loyalty cards, facebook, LexisNexis).

I have not seen systems that integrate all these data gathering parts, AI processing and dynamic game changes (prices, rewards, notifications) together so neatly to maximise revenues.

The redacted names make it hard to verify the authenticity of the source document, but it is definitely plausible with today's technology.