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The internet is just getting more and more constricted, manipulative and less fun by the day. There's always some fucker scheming to squeeze that last bit of profit out of it, to lock down that last revenue stream. There's going to be pretty much two internets in the future, a shitty cobbled together peer to peer thing for people who want to do stuff without being monitored or banhammered every time they step outside the groupthink and the megacorp inc internet that you plug directly into your limbic system to get virtually pleasured while the elite program you to behave like they want you to.


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Hooray capitalism!

It works great when there are new markets to create. When it comes time to consolidate and refine wealth extraction, it turns into a dystopia.

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I hate how much "AI" is misused, in this scenario it's not an AI, it's just a program that runs and can write data to better evaluate its if-then-else statements. Machine learning is a better term, but still incorrect.

Although in this limbic system future there could be true AI


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Yeah you're right. Probably just be time to forget about it at that point..

Actually I think it's already happening to me, my internet use has dropped precipitously the last year or two.