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It's creepy as hell, but there is hope: Individuals as a whole as well as society in general have an immune response to advertising. Advertising tactics and social engineering techniques such as these only remain effective for a few years before people learn to tune them out.

For example, back when email was new and people were used to only receiving mail from people they knew, it was highly effective to spam mass emails about being mentioned in the will of a distant relative, or a notice that they had won a diversity visa and needed to make a down-payment.

Then a few people got burned, went public about it, and gradually everyone started taking the contents of their mailbox with a pinch of salt. The same applies to this, people will be taken by surprise at first, but gradually they'll come to recognise attempts to insert advertising or skew their sympathies towards a product. By the time our grandchildren are playing games techniques like this will be considered laughably obvious.

Same goes for ideological manipulation. Posters like these which worked wonders in the 1910s would be rejected as blatant propaganda and fearmongering today.


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But...with the application of AI that target is always being drawn on our backs (or should that be faces?). It is also continually analyzing and learning. Just because we get savvy to the well-established or found-out advertising methods doesn't mean they ever stop, in fact, as this shows, it will only get more and more severe.

The level of intrusiveness on display here is highly disturbing and it makes me lose faith in humanity that there are people out there right now thinking these things and NOT seeing how they are systematically ruining the world with what they are doing. Anything for a sale, huh?



You are absolutely right. It almost sounded like the person you replied to was advocating for the system


[–] NotHereForPizza ago 

Here's the thing about humans: every single person in any of our recent memory which had substantially meaningful independent thoughts is well known by name. Sure, there may be more that expressed themselves differently. But, every field of science has celebrity type figures in its history which all tell tales of independent thought that revolutionized that particular field or interest.

Why is this important? Because someone, like, you know, a human, has to code this A. I. Therefore, if an extreme majority of coders all think alike, then I'm sure there's a slightly less extreme portion who will be able to figure out some kinks.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not here say how wrong everyone is about this, but my idea is that everyone might want to settle down a bit. We're still likely a ways away from developing A. I. that codes other A. I. en masse.


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People still buy into this shit. Look at memes posted every day.


[–] Broc_Lia 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

They're generally able to see it for what it is though, and memes are usually somewhat ironic. Mind control only really works if you're not aware it's happening.


[–] MessyEnema ago 

I know some companies doing millions in revenue per month just from spam emails with bought lists where the user did not opt-in.

Not even scams or ripoffs, just regular advertising via email.

This new method won't go away as the AI is constantly adapting.


[–] Broc_Lia ago 

And how many billions of emails do they have to send to find an idiot willing to bite?

There'll always be a few people these techniques work on, but most people will develop immunity.