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I should try this out. ED64 is a blessing. The only downside is.... you know - Godleneye on N64.

Netplay for N64 exists, I imagine playing this online is possible and probably already happening on a PC with keyboard and mouse controls.

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The only downside is.... you know - Godleneye on N64.

Did N64 emulators ever implement overclocking? That would really help the framerate of this game.

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There's a script that let's you use your mouse and keyboard. Def. the way to go. Emulators on PCs automatically overclock, just by being so much more powerful. So games don't lag when there's an explosion or there's a lot going on on-screen.

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Man I just looked to buy an ED64, damn thing is 170 bucks. I think it might be easier/ cheaper to get an interface for the controller to work on my PC, shame, I have a similar device for the DS called the cycloDS, and you can run homebrew like scummVM. Yeah I remember seeing people playing GoldenEye on twitch.

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Yep, the price is feasty. There is a cheaper v2.5 but I really recommend the v3 (the hardware is final). Krikkz had a Black Friday Sale, sad you missed out on that. Don't buy them off Ebay tho as you will probably get a fake. Legit sellers can be found on Krikkz's website.

For me it was super worth it, just bc the prices for Conker's Bad Fur Day (PAL) alone was the price of my ED64. Emulating is somewhat viable too, good adapters (From Rafnet! -> lagless!!) aren't that expensive either. Don't buy Chinese shit (duh) off ebay.

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I'm waiting for the white supremacist version

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much respect to subdrag. I remember you from the cheatcc and ign cheat code sites. as well as in the gameshark cheats.

i've been following your youtube all these years with the same love for the same games bud!

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Download rom now before it gets pulled fof copyright violations

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nintendo always burns fanmade stuff like this to the ground because muh copyright

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You mean like AM2R, which is superior to both Metroid 2 and Samus Returns in every possible way?

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Wow, this is amazing, and for a complete remake on the PC too. Busting out my Windows boot drive to play this.

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one of many many cool things Nintendo has gone 'OY VEY SHUT IT DOWWN' over.

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works on actual hardware...lol-