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Cross posting an analysis of their cited "report." The "developer" survey was carried out by the IGDA, ostensibly a gaming 'professional organization.' Like most such organizations in the games industry, that is true only in name. The only requirement to join is to send them a few bucks, starting at $25. From that point on, you're a developer.. or something.

You can read a PDF with the survey summary in more detail here.

They tend to try to obfuscate the pointlessness of their survey and organization, but there's plenty of little clues and snippets within the survey. In the results of this one they chose to obfuscate the data by restricting access to actual results and instead breaking it into arbitrary clumps of their own picking. Nonetheless, that provides plenty of tasty morsels. Let's look at their 3 categories of "developer.":

"Full time employees"

  • 45% of respondents had a university degree.
  • 16% had a degree in computer science.
  • 46% of respondents earned less than $50k per year.

I tried to find a single entry level game development position offering a starting salary below $50k. I failed. For that matter, I also found none that did not require a university degree in a relevant field.


  • 63% earned less than $15k...

"Self employed"

  • 53% earned $0.

It's also worth noting that "significantly fewer" 'developers' took the survey than in 2015 or 2016. It's mostly just a survey of whoever passed this survey around on Twitter. On that note about 5% of respondents chose transgender or "other" as their gender, and 20% chose sexualities other than hetero including 3% who chose "other" when given the choices of hetero, homo, or bisexual. The survey's decision to declare this "slightly higher" than the US average where 3.5% of adults identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual (according to the survey summary) was a curious choice of phrasing. Anyhow, yeah - this whole survey is a joke. So take it for what it is.

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For that matter, I also found none that did not require a university degree in a relevant field.

Degrees have literally no bearing on game development capability and anyone with a brain looking at applications doesn't give a shit one way or the other. On top of that, some of the absolute worst artists I have seen came out of "prestigious" game development schools. They just list that shit on the job application page because everyone else does for "skilled" positions, it has literally no bearing on what's important, like, the gender and race of the applicant and how far away from white male that is.

I tried to find a single entry level game development position offering a starting salary below $50k. I failed.

Keep in mind the indie "developer" scene is now fucking massive now, and full of retards like this who identify themselves as game developers, despite the fact a fucking dog could do what theyre doing about as well. Basically the pool has been polluted by the vast sea of retards in communities like r/gamedev who despite being, for the most part, totally incompetent and untalented are listing themselves as game devs.

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I was the Lead Game Dev for an MMO (Early, pre-wow). When I apply to any AAA game studio I don't even get an interview for jobs that are far beneith me. I make six figures in IT in a different area. I make mods and open source game engines for fun. I have 20 years of experience. They would rather hire lesbian or brown person (not asian brown like me) than someone competant. I am stuck in a company that is a meritocracy doing something I hate because SJWs ruined the industry I pioneered.

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Your work has the awesomeness.

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I also found it interesting that only 42% of respondents were from the U.S. Where are these respondents living where they think diversity is "very important" to success in the video games industry?

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I assume Europe.

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Bioware Montreal hired that brown Nazi and tons of women/"women" for Mass Effect Andromeda

it bombed

now Bioware Montreal is dead


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All of these companies becoming focused on virtue signaling bullshit, just to appease to the mentally ill, when they just need to shut the fuck up and make good fucking games.

You don't hear about shit like this from companies like Nintendo, who put out not one but TWO Games of the Year last year. Meanwhile you get hot garbage like Mass Effect which has literally been destroyed by SJW bullshit.

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Nintendo still has the Treehouse problem, though. Anything they touch gets censored to hell.

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Liberal faggots ruin everything, they must truly be the most miserable people on earth.

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To be fair, Mass Effect always had a subplot about deep-space global warming. They just swapped directors around, and it never got expanded on very much.

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That thing on the right is Executioner Smough http://darksouls.wikia.com/wiki/Executioner_Smough

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somehow i doubt it has enough muscle to lift that a regular hammer

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imagine being so fat you cant tell whether your tittes are the male or female variant

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In terms of ethnicity, 61 percent identified themselves as white

That's in accordance with the amount of Whites in the United States. Those monsters!

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It's probably actually low compared to the racial break down of students getting computer degrees that then work in gaming. I work near a Zenimax office and I mostly see white people working there though.

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If Polygon said there was enough diversity somewhere THAT would be news.

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So a swedish game company then?

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A Swedish company composed exclusively of African salafists.

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Because women and minorities don't apply. Even if you hire every single "diverse" applicant, chances are you'll still end up with a majority of straight, white men, because those are the people who want to become game developers and go through with it.

I know female developers and female technicians who chose their job and they're just as qualified as any of their male colleagues, but they're still the minority and that's not an inherently bad thing.

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Which is why the left loves it so much. The problem has no solution, short of rounding up women and giving them a choice of STEM or death. Notice how much issues the left clamors on about are a) not issues which can be fixed, or b) not issues that matter to society, or c) barnum issues: issues that are so vague, that no one can pinpoint what they actually are

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A good friend is obsessed with the 'women make $.76 on the dollar compared to men' narrative. When I asked him what his daughter was going to do for high school, he said they had all agreed on a great local arts school that does illustration for half the day and core curriculum for the rest. Sure, I guess getting a shitty education is one way to stick it to the man and change the world...

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I mean the solution is for those groups to get qualified for the jobs but the left prefers the jobs just go to unqualified candidates in the name of equality.

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Fuck Polygon!

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We don't need diversity, we need good games.

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So you are calling for more game diversity in/from the shitpille we got for the last decade or so?

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You can't afford virtue signal in game production, it's like sports, you can't virtue signal your way tot he top, either you score or you don't

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