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Why are they asking the developers, and not the consumers?

If they had any brains, they would conduct "exit polls" of people that had just purchased a game for themselves--even better, conduct a poll when someone registers a game online, and leave it anonymous. Those are the opinions that matter: the ones actually spending their money to support the industry.


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79% just want to make fucking games and want the feminists and faggots to fuck off


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We feel you, brother.


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As an aside, this is misleading. Many gaming 'professional organizations' are only such in name. This is particularly true of the IGDA, whom this data was sourced from. The only requirement to join is to send them a few bucks, starting at $25. From that point on, you're a developer.. or something.

You can read a PDF with the survey summary in more detail here.

They tend to try to obfuscate the pointlessness of their survey and organization, but there's plenty of little clues and snippets within the survey. In the results of this one they chose to obfuscate the data by restricting access to actual results and instead breaking it into arbitrary clumps of their own picking. Nonetheless, that provides plenty of tasty morsels. Let's look at their 3 categories of "developer.":

"Full time employees"

  • 45% of respondents had a university degree.
  • 16% had a degree in computer science.
  • 46% of respondents earned less than $50k per year.

I tried to find a single entry level game development position offering a starting salary below $50k. I failed. For that matter, I also found none that did not require a university degree in a relevant field.


  • 63% earned less than $15k...

"Self employed"

  • 53% earned $0.

It's also worth noting that "significantly fewer" 'developers' took the survey than in 2015 or 2016. It's mostly just a survey of whoever passed this survey around on Twitter. On that note about 5% of respondents chose transgender or "other" as their gender, and 20% chose sexualities other than hetero including 3% who chose "other" when given the choices of hetero, homo, or bisexual. The survey's decision to declare this "slightly higher" than the US average where 3.5% of adults identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual (according to the survey summary) was a curious choice of phrasing. Anyhow, yeah - this whole survey is a joke. So take it for what it is.


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By "developers" they mean the diversity hires that destroy the work of the others.


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My game has a lot of diversity. It features dozens and dozens of different cultures, people and races of European origin. The entire focus of the game is to provide a lot of diversity in strategies, unit rosters and sinergies between multiple aspects of the game to multiply different outcomes between a player vs player basis. A lot of games in the 90's had diversity; heck, Street Fighter II's main attraction was the diversity in the fighters' roster. Nowadays, however, "diversity" means "racial quotas", 'feels over reals' bullcrap. Nope, fuck this.


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Which 21% do I short?