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Dude talked to a guy on his live-stream that an Admin had a personal vendetta against, got 1 month banned from the game.

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I don't understand, the only thing he's alleged to have done is talked to someone, not even about something violating the game's rules?

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Basically yes, An admin had a massive personal vendetta against a user by the name of RagingVoice, MrSafeZone talked to him on his livestream so he got banned.

This is reddit tier "I see you posted a comment on X subreddit I don't like, time to ban you from my 30 subreddit's you've never even posted to" moderation cancer.

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It's always a bad sign when the posted rules for a community don't list any restrictions on what moderators can and can't do, and don't describe a standard process for moderator actions, warnings, when bans are necessary, and what avenues players have for redresses of grievances. I'm sure with ChatVR's explosion of success the developers had to accept a hundred random people as moderators, and since they have nothing telling moderators how to moderate effectively (and surely have no oversight system) it leads to random shit like this.

That's why I put things similar to this in the communities I moderate:

The spirit of this subverse's rules is to foster a community where dissent, free thought, and open discussion are tolerated, limited only to trolling, excessive abuse, site-breaking rules, or content that is better suited for another subverse. All moderation activity should operate within this spirit.

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https://tweetsave.com/notsafezone/status/951278422340358146 :

MrSafeZone on Twitter: "After interviewing the Kanna Gang, and getting in on some information, shortly after, I was banned for Soliciting, and Petioning, just curio… t.co/9zR9q6QNhF"

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So was this person banned from Twitch or VRchat or Reddit?

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VRchat + VRchat's discord

I only mentioned Reddit as a comparison of the cancerous was of the moderators.

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Oh, so he didn't get banned from Twitch?

Could have been worse.

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Right on the store page for VRchat it's full of reeeeeeeeeeing that made it clear the people running it were this kind of person.

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perhaps point the developers of battle discs to them as if they don't have permission they are infringing by calling whatever they offer battle disc right in the description.

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