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I was confused when they released "Star Wars Battlefront 2" recently because I had already had a copy of that game for what felt like over a decade…

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Same. They could have at least picked a different fucking name imo.

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Bf2 2005

Full campain

Local coop

Local multi-player

Lan up to 16

Cheap as dirt anywhere

Don't need internet

Why did you buy the new one moron.

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Don't forget mods. The custom mods are better than what any company has put out. Kryo on Youtube is the guy to look for.

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Hemorroids are better than BF2 2017, and BF2005 is better than hemorroids.

So yeah.

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Went to buy it again on Steam. Realized I had it already. Nice!

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Same. I guess I got it on a holiday sale back in 2011 on a whim, made my day!

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I played the shit out of this game, ID fuck everyone up with ayla secura, use force pull, then run into you with attack, people would get so salty. Also this was before they could push updates so there were so many glitches to walk through walls and shit, I miss that game but ill never touch the new one why tarnish those memories?

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Too much focus on graphics and spectacle. Not enough focus on good gaming.

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They should realize that story and repetitive but fun gameplay is what matters and I think that's what many developers forget, looks don't matter if a game isn't fun to play.

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Not when the multiplayer doesn't work properly, had to return the game on steam due to this. Aside though it does feature what should be in games now anyway, the actual fuckin' game, not LB/MT/DLC Rape-bullshit.

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That is only because of how old the game is. IIRC you have to switch over to a different master server or something like that. Official one died.

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It works fine. You're just a n00b.

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