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It’s a way to dehumanize Nazis. Look at games like battlefield 1942. When you get to play AS Nazis, all of a sudden people start appreciating how Nazis were organized, technologically advanced and had strong senses of honor.

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Who ever thought differently? The only thing people think is that they had a horrific ideology, which they did. What retards do you socialize with that think they were cave dwellers with no dedication to the state?

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Have you been to public school? I remember when they made me watch Schindler's List and I ate it up because I was 14. Most people will never question what they are taught, and if they do question it, never trust themselves enough to disagree.

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In Sunday school when I heard of Noah's Ark I thought it was unbelievable. It still is today. Does not compute in my brain at all.

When I first heard of 6 million jews being gassed I thought it was unbelievable. It still is today. Does not compute in my brain at all.

I've been lied to and I knew it all along.

The ability to reason is a sign of intellegence. Layers of awareness and patterns of logic.

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What horrific ideology? No different than manifest destiny or the whole fucking British empire and others before them, they just wanted to conquer lands.

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What the fuck was wrong with their ideology?

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Company of Heroes does a good a job at depicting the Wehrmacht aswell, suprising is that they even have a campaign where you can play as the Germans kicking the allieds asses and the Germans are not demonized in that game either compared to almost all other games set in ww2.

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Men of war is another. The game has its share of Slavic pettiness but generally the narrative is incredibly neutral.

They did make Wehrmacht horribly inferior in the earlier games' multiplayer but the recent ones have balanced it out (and the realism mods everyone plays anyway make Wehrmacht and waffen-ss totally superior to anyone)

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This was me playing Company of Heroes.

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"You need somezing built? Or blown up?"

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By strong sense of honour do you mean brainwashed?

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No, that would be you.

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Yes. Look at monks who set themselves on fire. It’s a waste to me, but they firmly believe in their cause.

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Member for 2 days

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When did you guys turn into Social Justice Warriors?

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Ssshhhhhh, you'll disturb the narrative!

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Hey, here's an idea: How's about we come up with a NEW villain? Maybe let the Nazis take their place in history and invent another bad guy for everyone to hate.

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Lena Dunham's 'The Babysitter'

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I'm fine with Lenny being the new Hitler. It seems fitting that a jew would replace a jew.

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how about white europeans vs the evil jews

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I want a game where I'm leading a space battlegroup in pursuit of the last jews as they flee across the galaxy. Kind of like a reverse Battlestar Galactica situation.

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Meh, I prefer shooting aliens, myself.

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Well Liberal Zombies wouldn't be any fun. It'd just be a mixed race transvestite couple sitting on a couch watching CNN.

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Zombies might be an upgrade mentally, maybe they'd actually do something?

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Politicians? Baby. Eating. Politicians.

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i was sick of zombies around 1992. its a stupid trend that doesnt seem like its gonna die. like those retarded flat billed hats or sagging jeans. it was a jokey kind of trend 9 years ago, and it still hanst gone away.

i dont play zombiegames. its pointless. its almost like playing an old atari game that just gives you more and more till you die. left for dead was one of the most boring games i have ever played.

nazi zombies is a no brainer from a profit stand point WW2 games have been established for deacades, one of my fav games of all time was MOH front line on PS2. since faggos seem to love sombies so mucn, they simply combines the two.

not unlike red dead redmeption did. is a gimmick for faggos, and if they keep buying it, theyll keep making it.

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Imagine a game in which you can play as nazis... take kikes as prisoners and do medical experimentation on them to enhance your troops, invent all kind of war machinery and gain points for being disciplined and honorable while taking over the world. so much potential there!

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1) Jews 2) The most powerful modern nation did not fight commies, it fought Nazis. 3) America has all the money 4) See #1

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Zombie Muslims?... wait, they're brainless, animalistic, automatons with only one thing in their mind to consume, rip, and kill anything that's not one of them and they reproduce uncontrollably... Muslims are basically zombies...

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That is just called "Sweden"

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It might be part bias since socialism is viewed slitghly more positively than fascism in society.

But what I'm surprised about is that you are playing games with zombies with a ideology rather than jusy plain brain eating normal zombies.

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