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good goy, put your faith in the (((free market))), i'm sure it'll all sort out.

meanwhile everyone right of Trotsky is getting booted off twitter, facebook, patreon and de-monetized on youtube. good luck funding and marketing your little game.

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[–] Alhambra 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

yeah, alternatives that reach maybe 1/10th the audience leftist platforms do, if they're lucky. this is exactly why the right has been getting its ass kicked for 60 years. With their near-monopoly of media, the left has been so uncontested in moving the Overton Window that now saying something as agreeable and innocuous as "men wearing dresses and lipstick are weird" will get you fired for hatespeech and your life ruined.

if voat for example every grows to the point where its a real threat to reddit, facebook, twitter, etc. this site will be sterilized of all 'wrongthink' so fast it'll make your head spin. or it'll just be shut down altogether.

and rightist just sit there and shrug "welp, that's just teh free market i guess". idiots.