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Personally, I'm nuts about playson games. I'd like you try them. Here is the link if you decide to play now. My best win was about 200$ , and of course it is good win, but can be even higher.


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https://archive.fo/XzFnx :

Video Games Can Improve Seniors' Mental Health, Scientists Find | Inverse

'Keep Gaming Forever to Save Your Brain, Scientists Say Playing video games is better than learning to play the piano. '

'They recruited 33 people aged 55 to 75 and had them either play Super Mario 64 regularly, take piano lessons for the first time, or do nothing. '

'Also, this just adds to Super Mario 64’s legend as the official greatest thing ever. '

'Video games are part of the long, long list of supposedly lowbrow pop culture items that people are convinced will rot your brain. '

'In what is an all-time upset victory for the lazy slacker crowd, stomping Bob-ombs and catching Bowser by the tail noticeably increased the seniors’ gray matter, whereas those playing piano and those doing nothing saw no changes in their brain’s health. '

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