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i think it just needs to be removed. i know you guys dont like regulation BUT...

another issue we have a problem with down under is pokie machines. they are designed to be hypnotic and suck you in to spending more money, and they do build them in a manner that they will set off certain responses in the right kinds of people setting off dopamine and shit - the same shit that goes on when you blow a load, have a hit of heroin, or win something

I dont think the only selling to over 21 is the answer, i think they need to pull the gambling type content from these games or label them as a gambling product only to be used in casinos or gaming venues. no, i dont for a second believe that video game violence increases the likelihood of real violence, but i fucking know you can get people hooked on gambling real fucking easy, and a kid that thinks nothing of borrowing a credit card for a couple of loot crate purchases now, if left to it, is just as likely to put his mortgage down the slots later.


[–] mudbear ago 

Pokies work on the varied ratio schedule of reinforcement, basically you get coins after a variable number of inputs, its the most addictive schedule and often associated with gambling


[–] jizzswizzler ago  (edited ago)

pokies bing, bong, flash, and whoop at you in a way that is designed to give the human body an automatic visceral response to going on. it isnt the coins coming out that gives you the boner, and makes you want to keep playing (thats a rare bonus) ITS THE MACHINE ITSELF

Pokie Machines are literally heroin for gamblers.

Crown Casino in melbourne have just been fucked over for removing buttons for the betting options in between minimum (usually 3 lines) and maximum (ridiculously retarded 30+ lines) so you can lose up to $50 per spin and not notice it.

These people will let smokers sit there and smoke, they have people that will sit there and shit themselves instead of go to the toilet, theyll trash machines eating next to them, man we even have little signs saying 'dont touch my machine im coming back' so someone doesnt win 'your' money that youve been stuffing in for hours. Fucking gaming den people are enablers of some pretty nasty shit.