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[–] Astupidname69 4 points 52 points (+56|-4) ago 

Listen I fucking despise loot boxes, and hate the developers who put them in their games, and the people who buy them, but you know what we don't need? More fucking regulations.

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[–] pretty_innocuous 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The government already has regulations against many types of predatory business practices, of which this is most certainly one.

Keep in mind that probably ~80ish percent of people are dumber than you (kids included) and those people DO need this regulation.


[–] Cacciaguida 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago 

What about that guy who lost thousands? He started at 13.

I just want these shitty casino stonewalling games off the market. And other shitty justifications for withholding content. I really don't see what the matter with enforcing current regulation to rate games Adult when they push for star cards/loot boxs/ as using real life money for gambling is a bigger deal than ingame currency


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i think it just needs to be removed. i know you guys dont like regulation BUT...

another issue we have a problem with down under is pokie machines. they are designed to be hypnotic and suck you in to spending more money, and they do build them in a manner that they will set off certain responses in the right kinds of people setting off dopamine and shit - the same shit that goes on when you blow a load, have a hit of heroin, or win something

I dont think the only selling to over 21 is the answer, i think they need to pull the gambling type content from these games or label them as a gambling product only to be used in casinos or gaming venues. no, i dont for a second believe that video game violence increases the likelihood of real violence, but i fucking know you can get people hooked on gambling real fucking easy, and a kid that thinks nothing of borrowing a credit card for a couple of loot crate purchases now, if left to it, is just as likely to put his mortgage down the slots later.


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Maybe this will incentivize developers to not sell a product at $60 and then put a padlock and a price on every single feature. The lootbox system meets every criterion for gambling, according to attorney Ryan Morrison, who is litigating a lot of these lawsuits involving children stealing their parents CC and blowing $20k.


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fuck paying for that anyway. wait until you can get it second hand with all the DLC and the greedy devs get sweet fuck all. THAT is when buying games sometimes becomes good value.


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The devs do that BECAUSE dumb fucks are buying them. Can we start blaming the dumb fucks who are supporting this practice please?

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It doesn't have to be "more regulation". We already have laws regarding gambling and minors, just apply them to gambling through video games. If they do that, no retail store will carry these games and the greedy developers will fuck off or go bankrupt.