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They still would. They'd just have to be of legal age to gamble (unless gambling age is 18, I don't actually know).


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i can agree with that. add a box you have to click saying your 18 then, if you have to


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Gambling age limits seem to vary from state to state, but the youngest is 18 according to this site. Casinos also vary with some going as low as 18, but most have a minimum age of 21. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is rated for teens, so anyone 13 and up could play it according to ESRB ratings.

I honestly have mixed feelings here. On the one hand, there is no question that EA is being predatory in their implementation of loot boxes. On the other hand, what moronic parent is giving their teenager a credit card attached to an electronic device with no supervision?

Ultimately, like you, I want people to be free to blow their money however they see fit, but at the same time recognize that laws are implemented to protect minors because they often make (more) stupid decisions than adults. I see three possible solutions here. One, a law is passed making these games subject to existing gambling laws. Two, the ESRB rates these games accordingly where they can only be sold to adults. The third option is that the developers drop the gambling scams from these games and put the content in games like they used to: where you had to grind to earn it.


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To be fair this guy from Hawaii is suggesting to allow them gamble at age 21 in games, Hawaii I believe has no age of consent for gambling they just say no gambling.