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coke dealer doesnt view cocaine use as "drug abuse"

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You put in money, you get a random result, it's gambling The only difference is you can't pull a zero, you can just pull a minimum. And enough stink has come up around the practice that it's giving government a wedge on putting the screws to the industry. Lord willing the result will simply be any game with lootboxes gets an Adults Only rating, and not anything more legally aggressive.

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if getting a zero was the only thing to define gambling there would be slot machines in every bar in the country and every pull would pay out a a voucher for a prize. You go to a site put in your code and they list your prizes, however you could trade up in prizes like at a fair 3 small for a medium, 3 medium for a large, 3 large for a huge. Every prize has a point value (minimum 1) and you just trade them in for points to make it easier to look at before trading up instead of a stack of different prizes if you want to. Then when you have prize X in your list and want to receive it you just pay shipping in handling, or Z number of point value and delivery is free.

If lack of a zero means it isn't gambling the business model I just described would be in bars and restaurants right next to Keno.

You could simplify it and just sell scratch off tickets that pay out 1 cent on every ticket so it isn't gambling but people would yell as it would be direct money to different amount of money, thus using prizes/points as a work around after all the prize trade up is already aimed at kids during fairs.

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It’s about overdelivering on content

By cutting out stuff that should have been in the base game for which you already paid 60 bucks, but don't let me interrupt you, Mr Slatoff.

Also, typo from the writer when he refers to the fellow as "Slater".