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Wolfenstein 2 is a niggerfaggot, obesity and communism glorifying propaganda piece. I don't care if it gets fucked up further. Let sjws have it.

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if you look at the discussion section of its community on steam, its a meming dumpster fire with threads on either politics or glitches

lots of delicious snowflake salt

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The difficulty spike NWO had me shamelessly drop it to Can I play, Daddy on a few occasions. There's a point where the Mecha bots can take more damage than all the ammo in the level can deal. They're bullet sponges with no weak points.

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Do you like Hitscan enemies everywhere? It's just a shit game. I didn't even pay for it and just want the time I wasted back.

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Stealth + Headshot simulator with a warrior poet vibe was enough for me to play it twice. Old Blood was dog shit. I have no intention of buying the new one.

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Which points were these??

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Weak points.

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Camp Lazerkraftwerk's recharge points and unload full mag on robots, aiming through scope. It's impossible to die.

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They should rename "Can I play, Daddy?" to "Game Journo".

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it doesnt get any more beta than a game journalist complaining that difficulty settings are peer pressure

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I remember I once met a games journalist at a games convention standing in line for a demo.

I found out we both played hearthstone and proceeded to play each other while we waited in line. Thinking this guy was possibly someone who actually played video games for a living. I que'd up against him with a powerful ladder deck and proceeded to crush his almost completely basic deck without even an ounce of effort.

You don't have to be good at video games to write about them apparently, you just have to write about them to get a job it seems like.

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you just have to write about them to get a job it seems like

This was the whole point of gamergate. Gaming "journolists" were/are limp wristed estrogen-filled spineless beta faggots who don't like and/or can't play games, and they got where they are by knowing the right people, being far left social justice cucks, or both. The gaming journalism industry being a joke was an open secret for a long time before GG, and after GG dragged them kicking and screaming into the spotlight it was exposed factually for the cancerous sore that it is. Full of people that not only don't play games but don't even like games and in many cases actually hate gamers, but they want a job in writing and to also flesh out their resumes. Most of the faggots in that industry are progressive leftists trying to use it as a stepping stone to get a job at WSJ or NYT or whatever mainstream left medium outlet they can get.

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Well the vast majority of writers in general lean left by default.

Getting a job that actually pays more than pennies something people with a spine and some real intelligence end up doing. Ironically that makes you lean left when you don't.

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this is why they give hard games like Cuphead and Dark Souls such a hard time regarding their difficulty. It is a problem in games journalism that they suck at videogames because how can you accurately review something if you haven't completed it? Could you review a movie you only saw 10% of, or a book that you only read the first few chapters? I stopped reading videogame mags and websites as a teen because their writing is either lazy as shit, incompetent, or bought and payed for. Thankfully, we have YouTube reviews from quality and honest gamers now.

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Any favorite reviewers?

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we dont need game journalist's at all

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It calls back to the first fucking MS_DOS based game. Not some shitty remake thing. Jesus age fucking christ

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Jesus age fucking christ

What does this mean? Do you mean Jesus H. Christ? XD

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I though soy bois were into that sort of thing.

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