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Scam? Nope. They are making a game. There's no publisher so this is how they fund development.

Alpha 3.0 is in player testing now. You can watch people play it on twitch even. Ex:


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They are making something, if it is the game they promised everyone back in 2012 with a delivery date of 2014 in the kickstarter well we know they missed the date it remains to be seen if they deliver on the product but heading into 4 years late on a 2 year project and still To be Announced for a release date is part of the reason so many are calling scam. Currently it is funded to $150 million of the original $500,000 scope creep is one thing but they are funded 300 times over and running at 3 times the delivery time frame. Now is not the time for Alphas now is the time for the game to have been out for years already. Then they start setting up new ships and new packages to sell expanding the scope even further while there is still no game.

2013 1 year early they release the hangar where you can look at the ships

2014 on time the release an arena

2015 1 year late Crusader or alpha 2.0

2016 2 years late they release star marine (a FPS), that has little to do with spaceships

2017 going into 2018 4 years late after we have seen things like $15,000 packages, release date still TBA but there is Alpha 3.0 3 years after Alpha 2.0.


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Fallout 4 took 7 years. And that's a much simpler game. It doesn't matter how much money you throw at it, it doesn't get it done any faster but they are going to need money to keep working on it. I don't understand how people spend thousands on internet spaceships that aren't out yet either but more power to them as far as I'm concerned. Whatever funds the game.

I've been keeping an eye on it since 2012. None of the delays and late releases surprise me in the least given what they're trying to do. Which has never been attempted by any studio let alone a brand new one. I mean look at this if you dont understand the massive scale and detail they're going for and then tell me if you could get that along with the rest of the universe and gameplay systems done and mostly bug free in only a few years. Just ain't going to happen.

Chris is pretty bad with his release dates though. My estimate is we'll see official beta in another 2 years but it'll probably be later than that. It's impossible to tell really since this is all uncharted territory. It's gonna take a lot longer than anyone expects that's for sure. I hope these super nerds keep throwing as much money at the game as they need to get it done.