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The thing is Joe Camel has been removed from public since 1985 roughly. We then decided that cigarette companies should have to pay for medical solutions for anti smoking. Then we went one step further and taxed cigarettes to the point that the tax on cigarettes is 5 to 6 times the price of production + profits. Then we decided that wasn't good enough, and banned cigarette ads from public mainstream sources like TV and magazines. And after all of that, we decided that cigarette companies are still this all encompassing evil that reams customers. As always, the left uses an example of hyper regulation to show why hyper regulation is necessary. The irony is completely lost as is ttradition

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Funny thing is, Disney is more of a threat to our kids than cigarettes.

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Oh, and don't forget, Walt Disney was the worse person to ever work in Hollywood because he despised the child raping Jews. Never forget the narrative you have been fed most of your life ... or the Holocaust.

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But not because of "gambling."

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Cigarettes are the equivalent of Nazis: It's the absolute worst "go to" comparison tool the left uses.

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Joe Camel was not removed in '85...camels were still giving away camel csh and there gift books full of joe camal shit until the mid '90s

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The government doesn't need to get involved.

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It's silly because you need a bankcard/credit card to buy stuff anyways. Sure kids can steal these from their parents, but that's an easy way to get an ass whooping.

I feel it's like helicopter parenting. You can never protect your kids from everything. Teach them the best you can and let them go.

We are already seeing consumers make adjustments and rebuke these practices anyways.

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give them a book to read.

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You shouldnt let your kids play starwars, or watch it. When they push interracial bullshit in something, its time you quit watching it.

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I'm kind of torn between annoyance that the government thinks this is a problem they need to "solve" with yet more laws and the fact that executives at Disney and EA are probably sharting their shorts right now, throwing bribe money speaking fees into suitcases and booking flights to D.C.

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and the fact that executives at Disney and EA are probably sharting their shorts right now, throwing bribe money speaking fees into suitcases and booking flights to D.C.

Good for them. I hope they succeed.

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Wait wait wait, an online FPS where you have to be 21 or older to play? Sign me the fuck up, I need the handicap haha.

For real, your reaction times slow with age even from your teen years on. My best FPS years was when I was 8-10 playing Counter-strike 1.x

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Sounds like a shitty excuse, maybe you should just git gud.

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Do they really have nothing better to do in Hawaii? Last time I checked, they had a crippling homeless problem. Talk about those Democrat priorities.

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They have a crippling homeless problem because of democrat priorities.

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Posting this comment took no effort and only a few seconds of time. These people had meetings, crafted talking points, and wrote rough drafts of the legislation they want to propose. There is a gigantic time difference between posting a comment on a thread and what these people did.

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Mark it mature and call it a day. Then if stupid parents want to ignore the warnings they can.

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I for one would never have avoided buying those loot crates without their intervention. It's a miracle I haven't even bought the game yet, let alone dumped my life savings into it.

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