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Me too. I just spent 4 hours cross referencing my alchemy ingredients so I can unlock all of theb recipes.

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lol man alchemy is the key to becoming OP in that game

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Same game here, As added fun I'm using the No GPS mod (really need a better solution to finding quest locations, even better quest descriptions is lacking when you don't know where exactly you are on the map and the quest tells you a cave name it is near but no hint what city it is near) and have things set so that I can't see the compass or health bars for the bad guys. Last night I got hit by 4 arrows before I even figured out what direction the bandit was in, and even then it was because my follower finally got off his ass and moved at him. In reality I'm using about 80 mods total.

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I've got somewhere around 80 as well. Do you have Even Better Quest Objectives? It's handy although misc quests are still quite mysterious. There's also Address Unknown and People Are Strangers. I haven't seen No GPS - I'll have to check it out. I use Immersive HUD and turn off markers manually. Still drives me crazy that the map adds places you haven't discovered when you get a quest. Sometimes I do use markers, though, if I think it was reasonable to have been given a more-or-less exact location, or I am familiar with the place.

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I might try to boot this up again, since my video card stopped acting up. Last I tried to play it, it would cause my screen to go black due to video card issues.

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Might be your frame rates. These new modern cards push that game so hard it can't handle it, try capping your frame rates at 60 or 120 FPS that's what worked for me.

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It works just fine for me with an R9 280. Make sure you get the unofficial patch (and probably a heap of other mods)

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Damn same! I just started up to test how the games plays streaming to my Android VR setup. It works great, plus it feels good playing on a controller and laying back.

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Cuphead because it's racist apparently.

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Seriously? I've heard nothing but universal praise for that game.

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Being called racist is praise in the modern era

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Animation style from a racist era.

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fallout 4 with various mods (nexusmods)

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Loverslab ho ho ho

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Well let us be fair they have more mods, better mods, and less BS associated with them.

Does steam offer mods for 4 or is it all Bethesda?

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Don't t know, never tried steam or Bethesda for mods only nexus.

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Steam doesn't offer mods for Fallout 4.

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Heroes of the storm

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Goat Simulator

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My son loves this game.

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The game just makes me laugh it's so dumb. Great game though, good for some lolz and burning some downtime.

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Lol this game man, so random, yet so genius

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ds3, pubg, ds1

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fallout 3, civ IV, Heroes of Might and Magic III

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Good stuff

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League of Legends, Snow Bros, Sonic 3: the challenges and Warcraft III.

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If you like league of legends you should try out this game called smite. its super cool based on different mythology and its free.

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I have, actually! It's very cool indeed! It's just that my IRL friends play LoL so I play with them. Maybe I can convince them to try it out together.

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