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I played hardcore on PS4 Pro when it came out and then stopped after 8 days. It's a snoozefest.

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i'm playing on pc. i could use a group myself. in game chat is completely dead.

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What kind of game is that Destiney?

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I see absolutely no point playing this game on PC or Xbox One what with the rest of the game getting locked out for up to a year, but I wouldn't even play this game if I had a PS4 because its a boring grindfest

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Naah, played the beta and didn't really like it. It's more of the same Destiny with few tweaks here and there. If I didn't put a few hundred hours into original and the expansions, maybe I would've played this one if hadn't tried Destiny.

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What system? Seems like important info.

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Not too much after all 3 toons hit 305, we're all kinda waiting for the December expansion. I can get you in a maxed-out clan if you want.

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Download cf offline free quickly here !

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Pc fun game join the destiny discord d-iscord.gg/krVS6e4 ** remove the - for link. follow instructions. Many people there willing to help out.

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