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Finally we get to play as the good guys.

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Everybody forgot Battlefield 1942? You got to machine gun Americans landing at Omaha Beach from a bunker.

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That's what I was going to say. It's not like this is new. Pretty much every WW2 game that allows multiplayer has allowed the player to play as a German.

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Most recent ones are simply just a stand in for team colors, and an excuse for a voice actor with a shitty fake "German" accent to scream at you.

But smaller projects like Red Orchestra seem to avoid this meme. My favorite iteration was Call of Duty 2, where your team determined your loadouts (other than the standard Trench Gun class). I played that via GameBattles clans back in the day, and would love being able to play Search and Destroy with the Bren and Webley, instead of the MP44 and Luger.

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Those were multiplayer This is to be an atmospheric singleplayer/campaign

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This is a game where you play as an Austrian soldier in an alternative timeline where Russia is not involved in ww2 and is taking a knee instead.

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You play as a German soldier in the Wehrmacht

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But can you defeat mecha-Churchill and mecha-Roosevelt in that game?

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Unlockable character: Based General Patton switches sides.

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damn that'd be awesome. with a big Nazi symbol on his chest and dual flamethrowers.

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Roosevelt was already in a wheelchair lol.

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Thats just part of the mech.

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God damn time

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Sounds like a shooter from the pre-2007 days. (ergo not a bloated shitty cash-in full of diversity and microtransactions)

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Uh... Okay. This has kind of been a standard feature of almost all WWII shooters for the last couple of decades. This isn't even controversial in SJW circles anymore.

EDIT: Okay, time out. I just read the article and I'm... less than enthused, on a conditional basis. An alternate Germany as the good guys during WWII doesn't sound too bad. Even if they use certain Nazi imagery, then I'm still alright (Swastikas used to be Greek and Buddhist religious symbols, they don't have to be linked to absolute horrors.) But if real life Nazis, the Holocaust, white supremacy and fascism are presented as "the good guys," then I'll be extremely disappointed, mostly because I want another really good WWII and I don't want it to present good guy Nazis.

That said, for future reference, I'm all for future games allowing you to play as the Wehrmacht... as long as the story doesn't try to present what the Nazi authority did as a good thing. The average Nazi footsoldier wasn't usually a bad person, they were fighting for their country the same as the Brits, Americans, French and Russians.

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"PC exclusive" SOLD!

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