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You could try itch.io

I have no idea if they censor stuff though.

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Looks like a SJW cesspool

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That is what you expect for a platform to give freedom to upload almost anything. Even Voat has the same problem, Steam is the worst when it comes to uploading games. Valve is going the same route like youtube to make it "family friendly".

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no idea how practical it might be or whether you could get away with it, or for how long, but phase one : publish politically correct version of the game via usual channels / stores ; phase two, release key to unlock politically incorrect features via more covert channels... just for kicks and giggles, make phase one version a parody of politically correct games we see these days, with all the sjw memes checked...:-)

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online, with online based payment most likely

paypal will probably hate you, might wanna try bitcoin based

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There's not even one voat equivalent of google play out there ?

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mobile apps can be downloaded in APK files hosted somewhere independently