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I just found this out: https://archive.is/r6NFe If you were still doubting how scummy EA can be. Cutting the cost of heroes make them seems like they listen to consumers, but what they also did was lowering the amount of credit earned in the game; the end result is that NOTHING CHANGED! you're still gonna need to grind like crazy, they just lowered the numbers so it would seems more accessible.

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that's funny as shit. most of their audience doesn't math well so...

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So they're making the grind just as awful, but making the cost of cash shop purchases lower to hopefully get money out of more chumps?

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Good find, lets see how this goes for them. Someone needs to do the math to see what is the real difference in price now, i call it around 25-35% cheaper.

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I'm impressed. This might douse the flaming pitchforks.

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Fuck EA. They're the Comcast of gaming. I wouldn't take their shit if it were free, at this rate.

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It feels dirty to say, but I've had nothing short of exemplary service from Comcast for the last couple years.

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I have never had a bad experience with Comcast, that said I still don't like them. The same however cannot be said for EA. I will never forget what a shit show and shit game Sim City (5) was.

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Read that they’re cutting the cost by 75% but also reducing the end game rewards by 75% too which would basically mean you have to work just as long. Not sure if that is accurate though.

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Boycott everything EA touches, now and forever.

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Star Wars is a fag franchise

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hey @oiseaulibre check this out.. plus the comment by @grimlock2015 (just came over from https://voat.co/v/gaming/2241300))

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lmao, I hate EA so much. I really wish they didn't have a monopoly on hockey games because I love playing NHL and would rather buy it from any other company.

[–] Lurker22 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Talking about hockey " in 1948 Canada wasn't going to sent a Hockey team to the Olympics, so the Royal Canadian Air Force sent some servicemen to represent the country, and they won Gold." That's what I hate about certain corporations, they have no competition. Thus your statement.

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They should be free!

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Too little too late.

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