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spec wise it's a great machine. You'll likely pay more for the form factor and I wonder how the cooling design will hold up over time as the back panel actually detaches. But as someone who works in IT I'd rather have this than a razer blade.

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Well yeah I’d never get a piece of shite from Razer. That’s the the thing, that cooling mechanism is completely new. Whether it will stand the test of time or not...

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Always check the user reviews on all new computer hardware you might purchase - if there are real problems, they'll usually show up there first.

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If you were really interested in the GX502, you would have linked to a specs page, not a fuckin' sales page. Get the fuck out of here, you faggot piece of shit corporate shill.

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I'm looking to buy it on Black Friday, hence why I linked to a relevant site with deals information you moron.

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No. You want info on the item so you do THIS:


You want to know about the specs, you LINK TO THE FUCKING SPECS. Not a goddamned sale. I swear, people get more and more retarded every fucking year.