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didn't IGN run gamer's are dead articles 8/29/14? If so this is some mother fucking irony and poetic justice. Claims gamer's are sexist, my soggy knees, racist. IGN editor is the sexist and abuser. IGN is next after NeoGaf. I love this time line.

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Actually I think they were one of the only ones to not run such articles, not that it matters; we are talking about the outlet that gave God Hand a 3 after all.

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Rape Wars 2017

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Man, back-in-the-day they were so legit. Now I see what is going on: killed by diversity hires; it should really just be some sweaty hard-core gaming nerds that can also peice together an article.

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Killed by diversity hires

IGN already comitted suicide via publisher bribes many years ago. The "14/10, pretty gud ~ IGN" joke exists for a reason.

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I hope The Grimm Reaper Anton Chigurh isn't finished with seeking revenge on all the video game journalists for August 29 2014. Gamer's are not dead. Gamer's live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xyvOCNCXdU Eat crow you male feminists the raven is coming to feast on your corpses.