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Not really, I just assumed the problem was the same as other tech firms. They let the HR departments take over hiring and diversity/SJW mentality trumps hiring those with skills and talent.

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I noticed it in MS products a lot. Almost everything in the installers is inefficient. They go and download 5+ GB worth of crap to keep the installer itself low, they appended feature updates into windows update, so downloading a dependency is an "update" and not part of the installer, most of their products will fail spectacularly, or miss basic features(Lync did not have a save conversation or rolling message system for a while. Once it was introduced, it was migrated to Outlook and not lync itself. You need them running at the same time for it to be functional), there are cases of super lazy hacks being introduced(Outlook, IIS, IIS Express and Lync all use apphost.config under IIS express, so if one locks the file, you need to restart 4 applications to get back to a functional state). Windows 10, requires an activation to turn of advertising, so it will consistently trash your internet with "featured apps and games", Cortana will regularly pop out to turn itself on(Turning of Cortana is a pain in the ass, as task manager respawns the service every 3 seconds. You have to go down to registry levels to turn off this crap, something i havent needed to do in over 7 years). Windows 10 is a great example of what happens when you let marketing and business dictate what software should do, and let finance/accounting outsource the entire thing to India and fire all the kernel developers.

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MSFT got fucked over by H1-B Pajeets.

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You missed where they bought Skype and turned Lync into Skype and now can't do anything to Outlook files if Skype is still running. If you go to Task Manager to kill Skype, you'll want to kill lync.exe.

Seriously, are they even trying anymore?

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Microsoft dropped its massive Q&A team entirely, they used to have thousands of work from home staff who would test all this shit on various hardware and software setups. Now they just depend on automated telemetry, thats part of the reason it keeps getting turned back on at seemingly random circumstances and your settings keep being modified by what should be unrelated updates. Microsofts developers can't depend on a thorough product test they'd regress your settings to a "known" state and let you break what gets broken by changing those settings back to what you want.

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I use glasswire and block everything.

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Sort of, the tech firms really try going out of their way searching for more woman.

The problem is that they have a really small pool so at the end of the day you're going to be working with a bunch of other dudes regardless. That being said if you graduate as a female with a decent GPA you're a shoe in for any big name company....

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how long until we start talking about the glass ceiling there is for men in large corporations?

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This is precisely why US will get fucked in the long run.

Other countries are hiring people merit-based. We are hiring incompetent people over more competent ones for the sake of political correctness and diversity. Not to mention that these "incompetents" cost a ton of money. Not to mention that US education system is failing.

Here's some real life example. Before 2000, international PC gaming market is like 90% US developed games. Now? More like the number of US developed games are decreasing, while games developed outside of US increased, especially in politically wrong countries (eastern europe, asia, etc). For someone who've been on Steam ever since it's out, this has been really obvious to see.

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely still games being made in US, but most are being made by the not so diverse companies (like harebrained schemes).

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Never forget Ubisoft Downgrades https://youtu.be/xNter0oEYxc?t=27s

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Why did they downgrade so much?

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Even the first photo putting the woman front and center is cringey. I'm just guessing but I bet she isn't the workforce behind any great games and has no business being in front.

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Believe that's Jade Raymond, who was the head of the studio at the time.

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Who I believe has since left Ubisoft for another company.

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She’s gotten hotter!

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I cba to google-fu right now but it's reasonably likely she was a producer or project leader or something. Women tend to do fine in those roles because they're more interpersonal and involve getting different parts of the company to work together.

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Uh, that ain't the whole truth. I've got a set of great female project managers and then a set of "mad cow"diseased "bitches". Those are the words of the good female PMs. If you are male and can ever have a real work conversation, women will tell you too many women in a group is a recipe for disaster. Nothing is done on time and once "sides" are determined it's full on jihad time.

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That's Jade Raymond, yes she was the producer for the first Assassins creed.

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They way it was described to me is that women are better at playing mommy with the autistic coders.

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It should also be noted that certain women are better at problem solving and maths, and certain men are better at interpersonal roles. It's just that on average both genders are better at certain things.

It's not that you should discriminate based on gender, you should discriminate based on skill. It just so happens that when you do that, you get groups like in picture A. A lot of men because more men, on average, are better at math and problem solving than women are.

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It might be a pic of just the Ubisoft Toronto dev team whom she (Jade Raymond) is the founder of.
This may just be a pic of that studio, that's why she's front and center.

Ubisoft Toronto developed Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which I assume is pretty good due to there being so little criticism or complaints.
She served as the Producer for that game.

I've recently discovered that I'm a Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Bigot. And as you know we are an underrepresented and oppressed people so I would prefer if she were replaced with a man (who by default will be better equipped, qualified, efficient, for the job).
I embrace this new discovery about myself and will further the cause.

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You might say it's part of our culture which needs to be respected

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What a fake smile. Her eyes also tell me she has daddy issues.

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Eh, doesn't really matter.

It's a PR shot, someone was probably going to be standing in the front like that. Might as well be a woman?

Plus, like /user/OldGoatNewCoat said, she was probably a producer.

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"Ugh, my coding won't compile....it's must be sexist misogynistic patriarchy!"

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it's because all the architecture that we work on was created by autistic, sexist white males. this incredibly bloated IDE that i'm working with should FEEL the INTENT behind what i'm telling it to do, not nitpick my semi-colon use like some MAN CHILD. clearly the only solution is to burn it all down and build it back up with GRRRL POWER, Y'ALL!!!

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Like, for reelz! How come there's no emoji's used in programming? SELFIE TIMEEEEEE #ScienceRulez #PussyPower πŸ’‘βš—οΈ πŸ”­ πŸ”¬ πŸ’–

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Lead Programmer: "Don't worry about the bugs, random crashes, broken mechanics, and poor performance. You did your best, and that's all that matters. Great Job team. We're ahead of schedule and can ship the game 6 months earlier."

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Psh. I program in C卐卐.

That was pretty funny though. Thanks for sharing!

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U guise why aren't we doing more to get women interested in tech

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Hiring people who want to make awesome games vs hiring feminists that want to destroy the gaming industry.

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Letting an all female team develop ultra masculine action games is like having a man develop a romantic sitcom geared towards women. Men and women are different, we need to stop pretending like we're all the same, females are interested in different stimuli than males. Not saying there shouldn't be games for all types, but if you don't have a true interest in a certain type of game you shouldn't be developing it. This and that fact that the people making games these days are just money hungry jews who don't actually care about games is the is the reason the industry is going downhill. Hopefully the independent developers will be able to achieve the level of production quality AAA is at soon enough.

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Do people not understand that being part of a gender does mean you fall into a range of what you like fitting that stereotype more times than not? That is why the stereotypes came about in the first place. There is a tiny group of men who like chickflicks, they also tend to like being fucked in the ass and sucking cock as well, there also is a tiny group of Low T men who like chickflicks and cry because no woman wants to fuck what amounts to a chick w/ dick.

There is a range of likes based on genders, but for the vast majority you are looking at 80%+ of the market, the gender stereotype fits. You build your games to fit certain stereotypes and you can do very well. It is exceedingly difficult to create a game that is a massive hit with women and men at the 50/50 ratio, such as it doesn't happen.

Studios that hire female leads to build games for 13 year old boys had better hope they are hiring females that fall in the small group of women who behave like men. Otherwise, COD w/ Flower Bayonets ain't going to sell.

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The biggest determining factors in hiring should be a). skill and b). interest

If that's the case then there would be barely any women in the industry. But that's not the case isn't it?

Fact is that many incompetent women are hired because of diversity hiring and political correctness.

The sooner we can exterminate leftards and this evil "western progressive" ideology, the sooner we can have better games.

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That wasn't my point though ... What I was saying is that games like GTA or Civilization or Call of Duty are the way they are because they appeal to the innate primal desires of men. If women were to create something that truly appealed to them on a biological/psychological level they wouldn't come up with something like Manhunt or Yakuza.

The biggest factor in games being shit today though is that the companies are run by people (mostly men) who don't care about games, they're just businessmen.

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NO It has not closed.

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So they got more Canadian, too. Same argument.

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Due to the fuck up called MassEffect Andromeda. Edit: Made a mistake; it was Bioware, not UbiSoft.

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Dude? That was Bioware. Electronic Arts. Another gaming company

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Wrong. That's Bioware, who have not closed.

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I wasn't buying their queef games anyway, they can keep the microtransaction based SJW cancer for all i care.

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