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At this point Dice is as accountable as EA. Fuck them both.

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People need to stop seeing these EA Studios as separate entities from EA proper. DICE is EA... DICE is just another EA Studio with a marketable name that the kikes use to insulate from bad PR while simultaneously manipulating you into giving them more of your golds -- same thing with the other EA Studios such as Bioware.

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Exactly. If they cared AT all about their status as "good devs" they'd up and leave Dice, start their own studio and start pumping out properly GOOD games like the days of BF2 and BF2142. But no, none of them will do it because EA gives them a ton of money for pumping out discs of hot garbage full of spy/ mal ware that is under the guise of "DRM". I'm still salty about SecuROM and what they did with Spore.

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Kikes? Why are we assuming the management of EA is Jewish? I'm pretty sure most of them aren't.

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What? At this point DICE is just as shitty

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Like when they shut down battlefield heroes for the pc because EA didn't earn enough money. Now it's back up and running independently! No more pay to play. If only more independent groups could do this to games which drain people's wallets in the process of playing the game.

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Only ea would turn those those 900,000 players away because they werent profitable. Heads up their asses, anyone holding EA stock is a fool. Fail.

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Hate to be the bringer of bad news but EA stopped them from reviving the Battlefield games. They put out a cease and desist on them.

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Damn. It had only been up for a few months to play too. Fucking EA needs to be brought down already. This is ridiculous. Over 900,000 players just gone.

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Did I miss something? Did DICE and EA breakup?

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This conversation, if you replace the red bit with an EA logo, sums up their corporate philosophy perfectly. "You exist because we allow it, and will end because we demand it."

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that moment.. when you played battlefield operation Market Garden and you were thinking it would last forever. Fuck you game corporate gaming!

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If any company, knowing the IP destruction EA causes, still joins them, then that IP deserves to tank.

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“To see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.” Professor Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University

For future reference when we make alien contact and they are discussing their labs.

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