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FU! Ubisoft - I will never buy any of their games

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And I was actually interested in AC: Origins until I learned you played as a Kang - ancient Egyptians where actually more White than the Arabs that live there today

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Actually, Ancient Egypt was kind of like the Mediterranean melting pot. There was a lot of interbreeding between Semites (ancestors of modern day Israelis and Arabs,) Nubians, Europeans and several other racial groups, resulting in a society that was extremely mixed. Egyptians varied pretty wildly in skin tone. That said, at the time Origins takes place, Egypt was ruled by a dynasty with strong Greek origins (being a successor state of Alexander's empire.) They had done interbreeding with the natives, but there was some strong European blood in there. I recommend looking at the Fayum mummy portraits, between the Roman conquest of Egypt and sometime during the third or fourth centuries. The people in them range between looking very much like modern-day Italians and Greek to looking extremely Arabic to even having North African features. That said, in defense of the "Egyptian kings were white guys," current analysis shows that Ramses II was, in fact, a fair-skinned redhead.

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They have some interesting ip but their PC support is awful. I still remember getting nauseous from the random frame drops in watch dogs and I gave up on the assassin creed games when they admitted they didn't have an overarching plot, they'd just keep making games add long as they sold.

Let's also not forget the downgrades at launch too.

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Watchdogs was purposefully crippled on launch so that the PC version and console version would be at the same lower level of detail. All of the files and capability were there for the higher detailed graphics on PC but a modder had to "unlock" them.

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I had a free code for watchdogs with a GPU I bought. I threw it away. Not even worth it for free.

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I know there are few others around that agree with me that some of their recent games being free was still not enough to get us to download them. There is a group of us that literally won't take them when they give them away.

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I stopped even torrenting cracked Ubisoft/EA games. Most of them are trash nowadays anyway. There was a point when I hated them but would still play their games for free. Not any more.

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Honestly, I'm at the point where as much as I hate Ubisoft and EA, I don't even blame them. I'm at the point where I blame gamers. Gamers are the reason they're making this money, and because they're making this money they're going to push microtransactions even harder. If people didn't make it profitable in the first place it wouldn't be a problem but so many gamers are useless sacks of shit. That's why we have console dominance.

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Read between the lines. If micros have beaten sales, no one is buying the games.

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But on the flip side, it means that they don't need large numbers of people to buy games: They just need people who will throw large amounts of money on microtransactions.

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This is awful. Why would anyone spend money in microtransactions?

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Spoiled children

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Too bad they don't know that if they would give in to microtransactions, they'd get everything with the game.

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and rich fucks.

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They use gambling type schemes a lot to get people hooked. Random boxes, etc.

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The only game I've ever really spent extra money on was eve online. I used to spend about $300 a month. It's worth noting that I am well off. These micro-transactions are targeted at whales. (people with high disposable income)

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Overall revenue maybe down enough that microtransactions are bigger now 🤔

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The future of gaming.

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If that's so, it's also the end of gaming too.

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The next market crash can't come soon enough

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And this is why I've completely stopped buying games.

Last one I bought was Hand of Fate.

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The last paragraph of the article:

"It is, as always, worth mentioning that French accounting law only requires Ubisoft to disclose its profits at the end of its fiscal year, so expect the company to share more information in six months or so. "

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