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Here's a juicy story for you.

A year before gamer gate happened I started up a social site for indie game dev's and fans of those games so they could mingle. They could all have mini blogs, connect together, showcase their work, sell games, follow along on projects, etc.

On launch it blew up on Twitter and we had a few big name indie devs join. All in all we had almost 5,000 users 3 months in and then held steady. About 2% of them were headaches who complained a lot and wanted special treatment, 2-3 we're full blown SJW assholes. It was about a 90% male 10% female audience. There was still a few select neckbeard assholes but for the most part it was alright.

The weeks after gamer gate, we ballooned up to nearly 8,000 users. 60% of these new users were women, 20% were men, 20% were "other". At least 80% of these new users were complete assholes, total SJW's that would flag everything they didn't like and start multiple fights in comments or the forums every single day.

Everything they ever uploaded was shit. ALL OF IT. Complete shit tier broken demo garbage 20 minute games that I wouldn't even put in my portfolio, and they wanted to charge $15-$20 for them.

I spent 2 months trying to prune out these insane fatto's and bring peace back to the community but in the height of gamer gate it was just impossible. They kept flooding in, the older crew abandoned ship, and eventually the whole site was nothing but screaming women and white knight pussy boys.

I made a long ass blog rant and called them out and named them the SJW fat cows they were, locked it to the front page, and made them click an actual "I agree" button to use the site. Most left and never came back (after flooding the site emails with their own rants that I just put straight in the trash). Some stayed of course but it was much easier to prune them out when they acted up.

In the end they left the community an empty worthless shell so I finally shut it down about 4 months later when the domain came up for renewal.



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I made a long ass blog rant and called them out and named them the SJW fat cows they were


And jesus... hard to even know what you could do about something like that. Maybe make a few covert anti-left signals early on to scare them off. Make sure they know it's not going to be their stomping ground.

I remember a few SRS heads came over to voat early on and started demanding atko be more proactive about censoring wrongthink than reddit was. Fortunately he told them where to shove their opinion and they got the message.


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Next time, just create a racist neo nazi indie game platform, with klan members, pinochet, and hitler's pics on the portal

Seriously, there's no such place, I can't publish racist games, nowhere

I have a couple of titles ideas:

KKK, Day Of The Rope

KKK 2, Road to Jerusalem

KKK 3, The Final March On Mecca



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A game about a KKK member trying to purge a community of niggers would be strange.

The Sims, but with a purpose?


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Damn, that sucks. What was your site called, if I may ask?