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I guess the other benefit of buying W3 well and truly down the line from its release date (aside from its fantastic story, as someone who dropped 154 hours into the main game and DLC, you are in for an absolute treat) is that you signal to gaming companies that if they do it right, they don't have to try and desperately grab cash in the first week like a fucking Hollywood SJW lecture, they'll get continuing sales, i.e. a continuing stream of income, for several years afterward. That in turn allows them to invest with more certainty about where their next paycheck is coming from.

All of that said: since the gaming companies have no loyalty to you, show them no loyalty either. If 2077 sucks, don't give them a chance with 2077 Part II, drop the company entirely until they get their shit together again. Demand excellence from gaming companies and eventually you'll get it -- as CDPR's existence proves.


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Note for both these comments all witcher dlc and goty upgrades are always free.