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Almost the entire videogame industry is under control by the same marxist / communist ideology types. The only exception being indie developers and Nintendo which is why when things like the Wii are announced everyone in the (((industry))) jumps on them and laughs and tries to discredit them.

Let me ask all of you a serious question:

If you control about 80% of the videogame market do you need to waste money releasing a new console with the best high tech graphics or can you sell a piece of shit that is barely better then its predecessor because you know everyone who is a gamer has to buy it?

Do you need to innovate games in any way or can you release the same thing over and over?

The gaming market has followed the movie and music industry. Barely any talent, no new ideas, just dull repetitive garbage made to numb you as the (((creators))) try to brainwash you with marxist communist ideals. You can actually look at the stories of several of the former game developing giants and see them eventually eaten from within and have their work forced out of their hands and into the jews. The most obvious example being Blizzard and there was a huge thread on Voat not too long ago explaining the corruption in detail.


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i would be interested in a link to that thread


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Me too, it's a a shame if that's the case. Always enjoyed wc3 and sc.


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Those Japs don't fuck around with making their cash and have no time SJW bull crap.


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Almost the entire videogame industry is under control by the same marxist / communist ideology types

So why does the industry focus so heavily on profit making? Doesn't sound very communist to me.


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If only Cuphead was out on a proper Nintendo console.


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I don't know, I've heard that tutorial is a doozy.