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Do people even realize where "Kek" came from? It has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. It started from World of Warcraft. I don't know if it is still the case but in vanilla WoW Alliance & Horde could not speak to each other as each race had their own languages & their own form of common speak. If you attempted to say "LoL" to the opposite faction, the translation was "Kek".

The fact that this has turned into some form of hate speech now just goes to show how ass backwards the world is.

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I thought it was Koreans laughing on starcarft, and instead of 'hahaha' it looked like 'kekeke'

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This, it originated in starcraft and blizzard referenced it in wow

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I can't really speak to that, but I know for a fact in Vanilla World of Warcraft the translation of "lol" between factions was "kek". It was a very common practice in PVP for the opposing factions to troll in this fashion. Everyone knew what it meant.

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The Korean equivalent to "lol"" is "ㅋㅋㅋ" and the "ㅋ" sounds like an english K so it sounds like kuhkuhkuh . Korean people use "kkk" instead of "lol" when romanticizing the language.

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It has multiple origins. That's what's so freaky about it.

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Its the SPLC that is the culprit. Too many are using it as the go-to tool for if something is good or not.

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The problem is all the trolls using kek when falsely (and sometimes truly) being racist asshats.

The unintelligent masses that dwell on the internet now latch onto things they see a lot and immediately draw parallels. These folks didn't play WoW, they weren't around back then. But the shitstains that scream racist and childish bullshit have made it so that they can't not see 'kek' as a bad word now. Fucking racist twatwaffles.

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People will be offended by anything they want to be offended by for any reason.



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It was "kek" and "bur", although I don't know which faction saw which.

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Horde saw "Bur" from alliance players, Alliance saw "Kek" from horde players.

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This is exactly what kekistan exists to do. Show how idiotic people scramble to distance themselves and virtue signal against something that means nothing.

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which anti-racism campaigners say was modelled on a Nazi war flag.

Links to SPLC.

Fuck you BBC.

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Yip, a joke, The SPLC has nothing to do with the South, Poverty or Law. It is a political pressure org that routinely slanders and defames people who are against its cause.

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It is a Democratic fund raising organization....period.

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"Civil rights campaigners at the Southern Poverty Law Center ....."

Every fucking time.

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Oy vey, I wonder (((who))) could possibly be behind this?

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They have to stop pandering to the sjw crowd. Maybe its time to punch them in their wallet

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Who do they think is going to buy this game? The left is already mad so they will not buy it. Now the right is mad so we will not buy it.

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I won't buy it simply because I thought #1 was shit, complete waste imho.

I would, however, buy a copy that still had the removed content available. Stick it on a separate hard drive, and keep it offline so it couldn't be 'updated'.

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Do us all a favor and pirate it instead of buying.

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Yeah we got duped with the first Destiny. Never again.

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I was going to buy their game once I found out that they put the flag in there but have since changed my mind because they apologized. I was also going to vote for the Conservative Party of Canada until its new leader called himself a feminist. I don't tolerate such cowardice from either leaders or developers.

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Never apologize to the Jew.

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