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I knew it was a mistake the moment I saw it. Apologizing to SJW's just makes them afraid they'll lose their victim points and virtue points. It sets them off five times as bad. Worse, it signals weakness. You may as well take a shit on their car hood.

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Agreed. I think his move should have been to acknowledge that, yes, it was an inappropriate and offensive word to use, but that he does not apologize. He was in the heat of the moment and he said an offensive word. It is internet gameplay and people say things offensive all of the time: faggot, bitch, jew, kyke, etc. By moonlighting this one word, I actually think it makes the whole situation more racist in that same sense someone who gets overly apologetic about an insult to you, starts to make you wonder whether they were harmlessly ribbing you, or if they were actually serious.

Its a fucking word. People need to get a life and move on.

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It is internet gameplay and people say things offensive all of the time: faggot, bitch, jew, kyke

They really don't though. Only the vocal minority do. For every weak tongued child that blurts out shit like that there's 20 adults putting voice chat on mute.

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Rule 1. Never Apologize.

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That is terrible advice.

Apologize only if you're truly sorry for something. Don't apologize if you're not

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Apologize if you’ve done something wrong, not just if you’re sorry, be sure you don’t let someone make you feel sorry for something that wasn’t actually wrong or was fully within your right to do

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Never apologize to an sjw.

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Apologizing signals weakness, that's why you're not advised to do it. An apology can be wielded as a weapon, though.

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How about instead of that:

It's better to apologize than to ask for permission.

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I think this person is referring to how to deal with SJW's. Jordan Peterson said "Don't apologize to these people. That's a big mistake. They read apology as an admission of guilt. You don't apologize and you don't back down. You young university students out there, you need to take over the student unions. You have to take them back because they're absolute snake pits and they have been since the 1990's."

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gaming press: Pewds said NIGGER!

everyone else: Nobody cares. Shut the fuck up, Nigger.

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This is sort of what lead people to gamergate.

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That Wu faggot doesnt even play ganes.

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Really wish he hadn't put out this video. What's the point of being an independent millionaire if you can't say 'fuck you' to people?

Also the twitter is full of concern trolling: "I'm seeing all these white supremacist' and nazi's supporting PewDiePie right now, as a fan I'm actually concerned 😳"

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Maybe I'm mistaken, but it was live. No chance to edit out.

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I was talking about the apology vid

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I think Pewds is just playing the game. Every time you start to forget about him he does something "controversial", getting the leftist retards to push him to the center of the stage and swing their spotlights on him.
These liberal sociopaths make it easy; all you gotta do is say a word or two and you're all over the internet.

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Some mentally ill troon being mentally ill. Sounds about right.

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It's awfully funny how the same people complaining about internet harassment and people being jerks on the internet happen to some of the worst examples of the same thing. What was that about glass houses and not throwing stones?

SJWs are a lot like the homophobe that's a closet homosexual. Or the die hard religious fanatic who breaks every 'rule' in their holy book and who's far more likely to end up in 'hell' than any of the 'sinners' they complain about.

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