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$35k USD? Holy moly why aren't Venezuelans playing EVE?

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I remember an article a month or two back talking about WoW gold being worth more than Venezuelan currency

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Right now the Venezuelans are farming Green Dragons in Runescape to sell the gold because it pays better than the jobs in their shit country.

They are nearing Zimbabwe levels of inflation.

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The contents of my septic tank are worth more than Venezuelan currency.

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Nope. Playing EVE requires somewhat working brain, and you can't expect that much from a nation that let communism take roots, and prefer to farm gold in Runescape than fight for own future.

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when autists playing a video game in their basements are smarter than socialists

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Thefts like this historically have taken 6months+ to setup, plus due to logging in game it is often known who did it and reported on forums then in the news resulting in CCP flagging the account to be watched. Making it hard to dump the isk and turn it back into real world money behind their back as after the start of the dump the account gets closed quickly.

I should add one reason it makes news for these money thefts is that the game has a way to convert $$$ to isk easily so in game assets can be shown in real world $$$ rather easily and accurately. Dimply look at isk and major assets stolen, find prices for assets (in game market or forums), check the isk price of a plex, divide the total value by that price, then multiply by the $ price to buy a plex.

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It's not free to play.

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Actually it is now. Though you need to be premium to get the bigger things, however one account could go premium start farming buy plex to become free and then feed plex to other account until they could self sustain leading to only a few months of paid play for many many free accounts.

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So sell some green dragon hide and change runescape gold to usd and from usd to eve online, yikes that sounds super fucking depressing

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I'm so glad I stopped using Eve the day I realized it's absolutely chock full of trolls, liars, thieves, and the like. The game is set up to both require trust and reward breaking it.

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So basically like real life

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Yeah except when you get b& from life you don't get to make a new account.

...unless you faked it I guess, but that's not a popular strategy because it's difficult and unreliable.

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That's what makes it fun, though. It's like Game of Thrones, but in space. It's good practice for learning to deal with jews.

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Jews in Spaaaaaace

"Houston we have a problem, ovah"

"We read you loud and clear, ISS, what troubles you?"

"Oh it's just terrible! We've run out of capers for our bagels and lox. It's anuddah shoah up here, it is."

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That's what makes it fun

I play games to escape that shit.

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I actually liked that part of the game, adds a real element to it

[–] Wuttier 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Exactly. But then I quit because it's a submarine-sim, not a space-sim.

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the best part of eve online is how absolutely scummy it is. That, and the heart pounding pvp.

I scammed my way through 3 years of free subscription. I taught many people a valuable lesson that they were better off learning in a game, than real life

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I taught many people a valuable lesson

...or at least that's what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night.

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EVE has always been a game that I love to hear about but would dread to actually play.

Although I wonder if it can REALLY be called playing after a certain point; aside from being dubbed "Spreadsheets Online," I understand some of the most powerful/wealthy individuals who run corporations haven't actually logged into the game in years.

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I'm an active eve player and I'll dispute you here. Eve online has far and above the best pvp I have ever experienced in a game. There is no other game that makes my hands shake and my heart rate go dangerously high. If you like pvp I would 100% recommend eve.

In regards to spreadsheets in space that comes from industrialists and marketeers, which you don't have to do either.

In regards to the afk leaders, that is false. No organization in eve can survive without leadership and when leaders go afk you see the alliances die very quickly.

Simply put, eve online is the best game I have ever played and the only real excuse to not try it is because you know you will get sucked in and never be able to quit. Like me.

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Spoken like a true bittervet

[–] shrink 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Just like cycles that keep repeating over the course of time, shit like this will keep happening in EVE. There's no way to avoid it. If you want to be able to do or accomplish anything of any actual worth, you need to cooperate with other people, which requires at least some degree of trust or delegation of resource usage. And, when that kind of opportunity exists, it's going to be exploited by someone, somewhere.

I'm so glad I stopped playing it after my first couple months way back in the day, it would have been such a colossal waste of time that would have been (and was) much better spent on far more fulfilling and entertaining games. Backstab Spreadsheet Simulator, indeed.

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The economy in this game always amazes me.

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Have you ever seen a star map of the history of Eve corporations? Its wild stuff.

Theres a whole HISTORY of deals and wars from when the game started. Kinda neat.

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I think I have a whole back. I've seen a history of these attacks and raids. Read up on the older ones. Its crazy.

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https://archive.fo/bHFVz | :

The biggest theft in Eve Online's history went down last night | PCGamesN

'Since the theft, TEST and The Imperium have been encouraging Circle of Two members to jump ship and join their alliance. '

'The Judge also handed over the keys to Circle of Two’s Fortizar citadels to TEST Alliance, another enemy of GigX’s alliance. '

'Looking to get into Eve, this is how the game has changed since going free-to-play. '

'The exact value of everything stolen isn’t yet clear but it looks like it’s the largest theft in Eve history, the next largest theft tops out at one trillion ISK.In response to the theft, GigX sent threats to the Judge and tried to get his personal details to publish online. '

'Circle of Two, one of Eve Online’s biggest alliances is in the midst of a coup, with one of its leaders, The Judge, defecting to rival alliance The Imperium, taking a tonne of ISK and assets with him. '

This has been an automated message.

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I can't stop reading it I'm on page 8.

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Awesome link!! Holy shit. Hilariously well written

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I good read but man, what a boring way to play the game. Most of his time was spent on message boards and creating and maintaining fake email accounts. I played Eve and had a battleship in a quarter of the time this guy did and still got to enjoy actually playing the game! And I never even ran any trade routes, just good ole fighting and exploring.

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From what I read of The Judge's accounting, GigX was treating people like shit and crapping on Judge directly (since he's in the CSM, apparently that makes dev decisions "his fault" somehow), Judge took offense to that, and nuked CO2 from orbit.

Then GigX started trying to go into real-world retaliation, and got permabanned.

If that version is true, then it sounds like GigX had it coming, and remaining CO2 members could be welcomed into the Goonsquad with open arms. (Maybe? I dunno how that shit works in EVE).

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CO2 members could be welcomed into the Goonsquad with open arms.

Or they could be recruitment scammed like goons are so commonly known to do. To my knowledge you are damn near required to have an active SomethingAwful account before you can join the goons.

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Recruitment scammed?

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