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If I wasn't racist... I sure as fuck am now

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I agree with you somewhat in that I never considered myself a racist and I still do not believe I am. But it's getting harder and harder to not be. The more I see the worst of black people being excused or even made into some kind of bullshit thug hero, and the more they beat the "racist by birth if you're white" drum, the angrier I get.

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It looks like they picked teams for both sides. Like it or not, you're on team "white male."

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I said fuck it and started collecting Nazi WWI & II era German stuff. Turns out they were very fashionable and their clothing is pretty high quality compared to today's stuff made in Singapore

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I know they killed a few people, but those SS uniforms are nice.

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Mu Russia has all but failed, so now it's onto everyone's a racist,bigot,white supremacist. It's all part of the left's plan to discredit the Right and President Trump but it's failing hard.

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It just sucks the companies buy into this shit.

And lets be real here... how long would this controversy have lasted? A week at the most? I highly doubt anybody out there was seriously going to buy the game, but then changed their mind and canceled their purchase, over this fucking glove.

The companies give these snowflake minorities (as in minority of populated that are offended, not brown skinned people) all the power every single time they cave. Stop caving... stop giving snowflakes all the power. Man the fuck up, say "no" for a change.

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"Outrage" from a video game skin... Who the fuck is outraged? Faggots.

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NEOgaf and SWJs who don't even play the game.

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Someone has to protect us from those scary words!

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Cool skin.

Shit game.

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This could have been written either by a gamer, or a hunter.

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Oh my cotton socks, will you stop with the destiny references?

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The whole kekistan thing is incredible. This has got to be 4chan's most epic trolling ever.

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They are oppressing us again

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Glad I didn't buy that game. Never buying another activision product again either, fuck that shit. "Hate symbol" Go fuck yourselves.

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Are you upset that they had that skin?

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no lol, going to boycott because they apologized and removed that skin and called it a hate symbol.

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What a bunch of fags. I though vice wasnt a bunch of butthurt dick suckers.

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I'm not sure if this is irony. Are you asking about the same Vice that blocked archiving websites because they were upset people were keeping them honest?

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I thought they use to go to shithile 0laces and report how horrible they were. Not cry because somebody has a design on their sleeve in a video game

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Vice went ultimate fag when they were acquired by Rupert Murdoch.

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Vice zog life

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So if Bungie renounces hate in all forms shouldn't this game be about making peace with the aliens not killing them and shouldn't the multiplayer be removed since it makes some people hate other players, should just make it safe space the game, fucking leave real world pc shit out of my games

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