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Huh, on one hand fuck the developer, on the other... a game should be judged on its own merits.

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Normally I agree with you but when the developer is literally asking his fans to do the exact same thing against Pewdiepie, can you blame people for taking it upon themselves with no direction and doing the same thing to the developer?

Buddy brought it upon himself entirely.

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Sometimes it's not recommended to get the game for reasons other than the game quality.

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Well it was kicked off my list for the next winter sale, so i agree with you there.

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I would agree with you but this mentality of virtue signalling douches needs to die.

Plus lets not forget that their little clique favors and promotes others like them. It's only fair that the client does the same when politics are put on a spotlight.

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Its a shitty walking simulator anyways. Fuck that "developer" and his miniclip games.

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Didn't play the game. Instead went into the woods and walked around then came back. Still have $20.

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Meh, I pirate all my games and also play them so I don't have time to watch some fucking nerd play.

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