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Might I also suggest trying out Heavy Barrel?

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I'll definitely give it a shot.


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Still the best top down run and gun on the nes.

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This is one of the first games I ever played; my grandpa kept the old NES around from when my family was growing up. This, Super Mario, and Blades of Steel.

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Grandpa? Jeez, I feel old.

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Any other NES suggestions? I have most of the big names

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Bionic Commando was really great. The game used an extending arm you could attack and swing from.


A game that reminds me of that but was infinitely more fun on the snes is Umihara Kawase.


A Sega Genesis game I'm trying soon that looks amazing is Comix Zone. You're a comic writer who get pulled into the comic and you actually fight through the panels.


I emulate these on my rPi with