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I like achievements if they are manageable and encourage you to play the single player campaign.

Dead Rising comes to mind. Most of the achievements were based around killing zombies, rescuing survivors, killing bosses, and eventually beating the game.

I like those because it marks that you did it. I beat this game or I did this side quest. I went out of my way and found all the hidden items or saved all of the survivors, etc... To me, it's more like a log to track the games you've played.

I hate them when they are almost impossible or are based almost entirely on multiplayer.

Again, Dead Rising comes to mind.

One of the achievements was to survive X days in online mode... but in real time it was 2 or 3 days. Did I mention you can't save in online? I'm not sure how they expected anyone to do that. I'm not going to play a game for 3 days straight

COD I think, has bad ones. They want you to level up to the max or get way too many headshots. At that point achievements aren't really goals for the average player, but time sinks for hardcore gamers that care about meaningless points. To me, this is what ruined the system.

You buy a game and you already know you can't do most of the achievements... even if you want to, you just don't have enough time. Then when you look at your score, you see most of the games have low level accomplishments... something like "3/25" or "10/50". Sure, you did the single player ones, but the majority of them are online and take months to get. Then why even care? Your overall score is so low (13/75) you just give up caring at all. Now it's just an annoying pop up blocking my screen.

I always thought the system would be better if the achievements were categorized. These are for single player, these are for online, etc... then you could look at your score and see two scores... multiplayer and campaign. Then my Campaign score would be a lot higher (77/90) and I might care again.


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Now it's just an annoying pop up blocking my screen.

The #1 problem with all achievements ever.


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I don't hunt achievements and I can't think of a single game that has intentionally made me hunt them down.

I don't snub games because achievements are not present. They have never affected me in any way, ever.

Terrible opinion and a terrible article.