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When you have been gaming as long as I have, updated graphics or a better looking game isn't important anymore. Gameplay, story, innovation, creativity is what makes a game great, not how it looks.

I'm sure the remasters of these two great games will be neat, but I would rather they spend the time and energy on making something new and unique.

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They will fuck it up.

Without a doubt.

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Diablo II with updated graphics and better controls would but amazing. That was such a great game and still is if you can get past how old is it and how bad it looks compared to games now.

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I still pick-up Warcraft III every once in a while and play it. It still holds up just fine after all this time.

You know what doesn't? The original Warcraft and Warcraft II. With their controls schemes and the way the games run, they're essentially unplayable by today's standards. I'd love to be able to play those games again and those would be the ones I'd want a remastered version of.

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Having played Warcraft II, I think the primary problem with the older titles is that their tone is entirely different from that of WC 3. It's much more comical, with the Orcs appearing like Saturday morning cartoon villains and a story that would have fit on a dinner napkin. Not to speak of the Orcs still being poorly copied Warhammer specimen.