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FWIW, Nintendo has been custom tailoring its games for western audiences since the mid 80's. Many of the NES games we enjoyed with our children (and by ourselves) were dumbed down to be more enjoyable to us. That said, I still turned more than one controller into a rattler when playing the easier versions of some games.

I'm dating myself here, but does anyone else remember the games going for $75+ at Toys R Us back in the day? Hell, NES games were put behind plexiglass long before tobacco was in grocery stores!

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I had an argument with a friend about this actually. The first console I can remember buying my own new games for was the N64. Im almost certain games were $50 brand new. I remember seeing games at pawn shops for SNES (ff3, SoM) going for $70+ but I don't ever remember seeing that at regular retail.

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I remember seeing some $75 n64 games. Ps1 games going for 40 to 50. No wonder playstation dominated the market.

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Yeah, pretty sure new games for n64 were $50-60. But at the same time they generally weren't incomplete piles of shit that threw in tons of DLCs and microtransactions.

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I remember paying 50 bucks for many games back in the mid 80's. A couple of games were more than that. My dad didn't like that shit at all no sir

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Toys R Us geneis games -- $50+

I remember NES games being $50 and $60 for sure.

At Toys R Us the games were just paper in a sleave and you had to pull out a paper card and take it to the front. An employee then went into a magical back room and came back with your game.

No returns either. Nobody took used games and you could only return your game for the same title and only if it was defective.

There was also no internet so you had no idea what you were buying most of the time. Eventually you could rent them but only for a night or two and you had to reserve good games weeks in advance. Maybe it was just where I lived, but the rental place only had one or two copies of each game.

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That's because one of the benefits of cartridge technology is that it's a piece of hardware and can literally carry upgrades on it. On late-stage games for both the NES and SNES, you had processing enhancement and RAM upgrades such that it was a good chunk of a functioning computer all by itself.

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IIRC, the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES didn't come out in america because it was too hard. That's why the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is radically different from others in the series. They eventually brought over the Japanese version of the game on the SNES in the Super Mario All-Stars collection and called it: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

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Let's just make a whole fucking new game instead!

Or ... Make all of them so neutral that they are as boring as fuck!

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People are pissed off that the games are changed in the west to cater to the easily offended, so the obvious solution is to change the games in the east for the easily offended.

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Lol ... Ugh ...


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Why do they have to censor for America?

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America was founded by prudes. It's been something reflected in the culture for years, and I'm of the opinion it's why we're so okay with violence in media (No religious prohibitions there!) but completely aghast at sexy imagery (SEX BAD. BOOK SAY SO.) in media.

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This has nothing to do with sex. Nintendo's brand is family friendly. This has to do with SJW cancer. The Japanese don't care that there are hardly any black characters in their games. The SJWs do. Maybe we need to make Mario trans and black. The Italian stereotypes seem to be kinda culturally appropriated. Also a male saving a damsel in distress pushes the toxic masculine patriarchy. All levels should be about saving Toad. The princess is a lie.

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Because sex and other forms of physical enjoyment bind us to the world and keep us from developing the correct relationship with God, which is, of course, to hate and despise everything you find in your immediate environment, including yourself, and die for Him. As promptly as possible.

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Ding! I believe this as well. Nipples, hide the children. Superhero on a massacre for "justice?" Celebrate!

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Because we plebs don't know what's good for us, obviously.

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Insane Alt-Leftwing SJWs, if you guys don't like the game don't buy it

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The praise "I find that offensive" scares a lot of people, specially those who make money selling people things they don't necessarily need.

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Americans are weird about some things. Like nipples. Or underage girls. Or a combination of both.

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It's definitely an attack aimed at the modding community who always finds ways to bypass the shitty censoring attempts that SJW localizers try to put in. You can't mod something back in if it doesn't ship with the code.

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Good point. No fun allowed at all for us.

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No backlash from censorship if we preemptively censor ourselves so as not to offend!

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so a country which is required to censor porn, feels like it needs to censor its games for other countries?

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I'm guessing this has more to do with nudity and sexuality than violence and gore. The Nintendo of America I grew up with censored nudity, sexuality, extreme violence, gore, and religious symbols. Strangely, they allowed the inflating/deflating snotball of someone sleeping (a Japanese cultural thing).

Then MK1 came out with its blood turned to "sweat" and toned down violence, and, despite its pretty graphics, Nintendo became the laughing stock of the 16-bit years.

Then, conveniently, the video game rating system came about soon after, and by the time MK2 came out, the SNES version was allowed to have the full blood and gore of the arcade game.

Then came out Killer Instinct with scantily-clad or tight-fitting-hungry-buttcrack female characters, and so on.

But nudity and sexuality.... those are two things that vary quite differently between the East and the West. But why not just develop the game and let the rating system allow customers to make their choice?

Nope. Censor things and then EVERYONE can buy it.


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This is sometimes a good thing. I can only stomach so much weeaboo cringe shit in my games. Americanizing the humor goes a long way for me. It's not just "censorship," but rather designing to the tastes of our culture, the way Jaguars made for America put the steering wheel on the left.

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I like Japanese games because of the different culture and hate localizations. Re-Dubs are the worst. It's good that emulators and undubs are a thing.

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Even undubs won't help you. From the article:

In simple terms, it means that Western localizers can start censoring content during development as opposed to after development. So even if you want to import the Japanese version, it may already be just as censored as the American or European version.

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I find a lot of Japanese comedy translates pretty well. A lot of times it's just low-brow, non-PC stuff though so I think it gets censored/translated out because of that.

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