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Well if nothing else this might be interesting as an experiment. Doubt it will be worth 2 shits but success frequently requires failures first.

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This is just taking the concepts of procedurally generated content, that we see for maps, worlds, or music, and tweaking it to include narrative. Frankly, this is makes sense, the story is the part that loses the most when it goes into automatically generated mode. This is them trying to justify their budgets when compared with studios like CDPR.

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Not like they have been hiding the fact that they want to sell games not make them just look at how many of their releases have numbers in the title or are yearly editions.

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The prospect of A.I. being used in game development really excites me. Imagine an RPG that never ends and constantly shifts and evolves, and like Animal Crossing, would go on even while you're gone creating the feeling that it's a living world. I read somewhere else that devs are working on NPCs being driven by A.I., so that your opponents and allies would be life-like ... that excites me EVEN more because imagine all those awesome multiplayer games without any players, now you could bring life back to them and play against A.I. NPCs that are indistinguishable from human players, maybe they'll even talk on the mic.

My ULTIMATE DREAM is that one day I'll have a software suite that I can use to create movies and games all from scratch by working alongside A.I. that would do all the hard work for me.