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Dear /pol/, it's time to turn the apple logo into a "hate symbol".

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It already is, they make white power machines. White computers, phones, headphones, even the packets are white.

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Also made from materials produced by what is essentially slave labor in the Congo.

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The apple logo was in rainbow colors. They banned the LGBT rainbow for a WHITE LOGO!

(go with that)

Original Apple logo

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The chinks are scared of it too. They have to work 20 hour days for that symbol

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plz do... maybe all these other companies will finally stfu

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Meanwhile, their gay CEO enjoys spending time with misogynist gay killers.


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Apple seems almost too easy to attack.

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They have their fanboys to protect them.

Got banned in /r/apple by faggit cucked mods for posting this picture.

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This is a far more persuasive picture than first glance shows. Whoever put it together has a real knack for design. I didn't even notice the bottom frames until going through the others and reading that text in the center. Very interesting.

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Whoever put it together has a real knack for design.

Thanks, I did.

Edit: https://i.imgtc.com/3LO7WJ7.png

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Oh that's interesting, thanks.

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Feels bad man.

Too bad I can't boycott them. I never buy their junk anyways.

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It's amazing the things stupid and gullible people believe and perpetuate. Praise kek.

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Fuck Apple.

It's not surprising at all.

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Good. I find Apple to be offensive so I don't buy their shit products. I guess this is their way of making it even.

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Good, the curse shall fall upon them.

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The real reason they banned it is because it is a popular meme of conservatives. The meme spreads and influences people, so they want to stop that.

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