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I played the old MOO. Huge fan. The new MOO I played when it was still hot off the press. It sucked. Races missing, features removed, combat was shit. I played it for a bit later when it all got updated, but my experience was already ruined. The game is too cutesy wootsie and showy for my tastes. It was like they made it specifically for newbs and children picking up their first new 4X. Stick with gal civ.

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The remake shares a lot in common with MOO2. I have the new one in my collection, butt the last time I looked at it they were still finishing up features in the game. If you liked MOO2 then the remaster is mostly just a facelift. Where the new one does lose out though is in the combat which is not as good as the original.

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That's a shame about the combat. Then again, it is still being worked on. Next time there's a decent sale I'll give it a shot then.

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The Grandkids are all playing Galactic Civilization 3. Looks and feels like old MOO2 to me with a lot of new features. As an added bonus to the game being good, the devs don't hate their customers.

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Yeah, I have GalCiv3 and it's not bad, but it ain't MOO. The lack of tactical battles is one of GalCivs biggest flaws IMO.

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Have you tried Stellaris? Even if you have, it improved quite a bit over the last year.

Endless Space 2 is also supposed to be really good, but I can't speak for it personally... Yet.

EDIT: Also, since you're into the older games, you should look at Distant Worlds.

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I'm just now getting into Stellaris. The 3 separate drive types thing kinda throws me off, but I have a friend who's really into Paradox games that says it's pretty awesome nonetheless. (He's my main Master of Magic buddy, so his word carries a lot of weight for me.)

If nothing else, his descriptions of the random events in Stellaris seem pretty awesome.

I've not tried Endless Space or Distant Worlds before, but I will check them out. I have no problems whatsoever with less than perfect graphics (although pure ascii is pushing it, Brogue and Dorf Fortress being notable exceptions) so thanks for the older game suggestion too.

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Distant Worlds isn't old, I just meant that it's graphics are pretty simple. But the game itself is incredibly complex.

Yeah, the dev's goal for Stellaris was to combine all the big sci-fi tropes into one game. So you get 3 FTL types, lots of classic space weapons, all the standard empire personalities and so on.

You should play vanilla first, but I find that mods help it alot.

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Stellaris is pretty good and even though paradox is a cuck company (they banned people over using the phrase remove kebab in EU4), they support their games well.

Stellaris gets a little boring in the mid to late game but they are working on improving it.

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Yes it's awesome, too bad it's missing a few races, but alpha, what can you do. https://www.remnantsoftheprecursors.com/

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I was referring to the WarGaming.net one, but I'll give that a look.

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I like the new MOO. It's not amazing, but it's got much of the feel, good and bad, of MOO2. I don't know if my recommendation should have that much weight to you: I loved MOO1, enjoyed MOO2, and couldn't get into MOO3, but I was really thirsty for that gameplay when I picked up the new MOO, so maybe I'm overselling it. It's definitely a game I go back to every couple months, though.

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have you played endless space or endless legend?